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5 Reasons to Use Shared Web Hosting in Canada with a Canadian Hosting Company

Been with Hosted In Canada for about 10 years. They have always been attentive and easy to deal with. They're quick to respond anytime I've had any questions or issues and can be...”
— Leola Brooks

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 9, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- It is getting easier to make and host any website, as there are lots of service providers are available in the market. The hosting options available out there are very diverse, but selecting the best solution is necessary to succeed online. If you’re going to set up a website, you’ll likely hear about Shared Hosting. Already, many Canadian Web Hosting Companies provide this cost-effective method to host a website. In the Shared approach, customers from different firms share the base infrastructure that enables them to divide the actual price in different users.

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The shared hosting method is particularly effective for bloggers and small businesses to get their online visibility and create their own website. It can be considered as a beginner hosting because it only provides basic resources that are useful for small sites. If you don’t have to tackle with high traffic volume, shared hosting can be useful for you. Now the question that arises is, why should you employ shared hosting?


Shared Web Hosting in Canada is very fairly-priced, and often you can also get discounts and deals for long-term projects. So this is the most cost-effective way of hosting for your websites. The rates of VPS and dedicated shared hosting starts at $6/month and above, while shared hosting is available only at $3.75/month, which includes an easy-to-access control panel to run your server.


Canadian Web Hosting provider will take care of the maintenance and supervision of the physical server, as well as of its patching and security updates. The tasks included don’t make your clients notice any major changes in your website. When you don’t have any IT team to monitor and control your servers, shared hosting can be a good choice for you, as the hosting provider will manage all back-end tasks on your website.


When going to select a web hosting company, support is a major factor that influences your choice. A truly Canadian Web Hosting Company will provide 24/7/365 support to all the customers so that if you suffer any problem midways any task, you can connect to the team any time via live chat, or phone, or email. It is important to have a team behind your back to assist you in enhancing your online presence.


Shared Hosting in Canada will provide you with some amazing features that give you quick access to some trendy applications, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc. It leverages you with a one-click installation tool to use these applications from the control panel easily and drag-and-drop feature to built modern websites with no code.


The service you choose should be reliable and trustworthy, and with Canadian Web Hosting Plans, you get round-the-clock monitoring, infinite bandwidth, and continuous support 24/7 to manage shared servers. The packs also include 99.9 % service uptime to ensure a smooth traffic flow into your website. If something accidentally goes wrong, you can rely on a trusted partner to get the issues resolved in minimum time.
Is Shared Web Hosting Suitable for You?

If you’re looking for a complete package of support, easy-to-access tools, reliability, and affordability, Shared Hosting is a perfect fit for you. And the best decision will be to contact a leading web hosting provider Canada and discuss your work requirements. They will recommend a custom solution that fits suitable for your business. Once you select a suitable hosting platform, then you can also choose a perfect domain name that suits your business profile, and can build your website easily.

Hosted in Canada is one of the most trusted Web Hosting Providers in Canada. We offer diverse options for hosting sites at affordable prices. Explore the website for more details!

Quote ~Leola Brooks 5.0/5.0~

Been with Hosted In Canada for about 10 years. They have always been attentive and easy to deal with. They're quick to respond anytime I've had any questions or issues and can be counted on for reliable service. As I mentioned, 10 years is a very good record. Their fees are reasonable and their service is well above the norm. (From Google Reviews)

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