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How To Handle A Clogged Sink Or Drain?

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This article talks about the easiest way to unclog your backed up sink or toilet before your left contacting your local plumber.

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NEWTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2020 / -- Use a Snake for Simple Plumbing Clogs

A plumbing snake, or drain auger, is a long, bendable metal coil that can be used to remove buildup in your drain. When trying to unclog a drain, using a plunger is a good place to start. Forcing air into the area with a plunger is usually enough to clear it, but sometimes you need to take it a step further. Using a drain snake, roughly 1/4" thick, you can slither it down the drain to reach the root of the clog and push it forward. Your local plumbing professionals at McClain Bros. plumbing have the necessary tools to get even your most stubborn clogs. As a homeowner, you can get plastic drain snakes to remove hair and soap scum, but that will only get you so far. If you choose to tackle a clog on your own, keep a bucket nearby to collect whatever you do remove from the drain. We also recommend that you wear protective goggles, especially if you have already used a chemical drain cleaner.

To use the snake, slowly push the snake down into the drain until it meets the clog. Rotating the coil will not only help break up the clog, but it will also grasp it so you can pull it out of the drain. Put the debris in the bucket, and run the water to make sure the drain is clear.

If the snake isn't working to clear the clog, it is time to call a licensed and certified professional plumber from McClain Bros. Plumbing in Bristol, PA. Sometimes you can do more damage by pushing the clog deeper into the drain, when trying to face the problem yourself. At McClain Bros. Plumbing, our experts have the equipment powerful enough to clear a drain that a snake won't resolve. If the clog has caused other issues with the pipes, make sure you call your local plumber to accurately diagnose and fix the problem in your home.

A great alternative is a drain clearing chemical like draino. This solution is a dangerous if unsupervised alternative to a traditional snake, but if used properly it can be very effective for a clog thats deeper into your plumbing system than a simple snake can reach. Typically, you pour the cleaner down the clogged drain with the help of a Philadelphia plumber while letting the product sit for about a half of an hour. This is followed by running clean water down the drain to clear the broken up elements that use to back up your pipes.

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