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INTEGRARE GROUP Launches Forward-Thinking Innovative Construction Company

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 7, 2020 / --

Acclaimed builder, Noyan Uras and Cypress Equity Investments (“CEI”) have partnered to launch an innovative new construction company, INTEGRARE GROUP, LLC, focused on representing commercial and mixed-use residential developments. CEI executes Class “A” multifamily development and acquisition strategies in top-tier urban markets throughout the United States.

After over two decades in the industry, Noyan has developed a deep understanding of the inefficiencies of conventional delivery systems and therefore, aims to bring fresh yet proven approaches to real estate development through a vertically integrated system that aligns the company’s success with its clients’.

As the Founder and CEO, Noyan says, “I have been preparing for this new and exciting chapter of my career for nearly two decades. INTERGRARE is a new way of building and approaching construction through lean design, accurate cost data and efficient delivery. This company is a result of strong 360-degree relationships, deep industry insights and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving.”

Changing the Construction Dynamic

The INTEGRARE team believes that the future of construction, whether it is high-end residential, mixed-use commercial or modular housing, requires the ability to be extremely adept and efficient at integrating a broad range of knowledge, industry relationships and value-chain adjacencies to deliver quality products through innovative cost strategies. Learning how to integrate so many variables into structurally sound and visually enhancing projects requires experience, discipline, adaptive thinking and open-mindedness. INTEGRARE prides itself on being a family of seasoned professionals and friends, but moreover, on being passionate creators and innovators of built environments.

Because Noyan started his career as a structural engineer at one of the most respected multinational engineering firms and then moved on to a large master builder that also self-performed concrete work, he has a wealth of experience across the entire construction value-chain. Noyan then continued his career at a mid-size construction company where he held a number of leadership positions and eventually built and led the Southern California office. During his 15 years with the company he gained in-depth knowledge of the residential and commercial markets where he cultivated long-lasting relationships with his clients, vendors, architects, engineers and subcontractors.

“At INTREGRARE, we are radically relationship-driven and fully integrated in our belief that ultimately, our success on every project should be measured by our clients’ and subcontractors’ success,” he says.

Hardly a Start-Up

Although the business entity and name may be new, the success and history of founder Noyan Uras are well-established. As such, the INTEGRARE team will be busy in the coming year executing secured projects, which include, but are not limited to:  (see 8377 Blackburn)

Community Engagement

Additionally, Noyan is a Partner and the Chief Development Officer at FlyawayHomes—an organization whose mission is to house the most vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness and to revitalize neighborhoods. Born out of The People Concern, FlyawayHomes develops permanent supportive housing in 1/3rd the time and for 1/3rd the cost of traditional affordable housing developers, building at a pace Los Angeles needs in order to solve its homelessness problem. FlyawayHomes recently won the LA County Innovation Award and the Proposition HHH Innovation Award in excess of $20M. FlyawayHomes will leverage this grant with impact equity and debt to deliver 400 beds in the next 24-months. This is just the beginning for FlyawayHomes’ audacious goal to build 20,000 beds by 2028, before the Olympics come to Los Angeles.


INTEGRARE GROUP was established in Los Angeles by Noyan Uras and Cypress Equity Investments. Its core team has more than five decades of hands-on construction and development experience in California-based commercial and mixed-use residential projects, worth more than a half-billion dollars. The organization has a track record of successfully completed projects, demonstrating creative thinking, and employing innovative concepts and efficiencies that provide multiple benefits for clients. The radically relationship-driven organization believes in strong community support, as evidenced by the team’s partnerships with FlyawayHomes and the People Concern. INTEGRARE GROUP promises to evolve continuously, benefitting clients with innovative and newfound products, more efficient systems, cost-effective practical solutions, and customized management techniques.

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