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Travel With A Purpose Is The Only Way To Fly

Rantz-McDonald Hosting Event in Los Angeles for YES THEORY

Visiting a home for handicapped children in Tanzania before trekking up Kilimanjaro

Delivering a generator in Kathmandu following Nepal's devastating 2015 earthquake

International Event Planner/Emcee Builds Local Service Into Each Journey

to visit another country without meeting and interacting with local inhabitants is like never having been there at all”
— Max Rantz-McDonald

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, January 2, 2020 / -- 2019 was a very big year for Max Rantz-McDonald, whose exciting career recently earned him the moniker “The Man with the Coolest Job in the World” from People magazine, however his work travels to different parts of the world has opened up for him a greater purpose to life than simply work and play, and it is a purpose Rantz-McDonald encourages everyone who travels – whether for work or play -- to adopt. After shelving his promising professional Irish Rugby career ten years ago for something else that might provide his life with greater variety and adventure on a daily basis, Rantz-McDonald began traveling and soon set a goal for himself to visit every country in the world. The number of countries visited is approaching 120, and meeting people wherever he goes and learning about their lives has become an important part of Max’s world travel.

Rantz-McDonald’s work as an emcee and event planner of extraordinary gatherings takes him all over the place, from one side of the world to the other. Recently, he was in Tahiti hosting/emceeing both high-octane dance events and deeply inspiring beach meditations for Soundboks, makers of the world’s first and only Bluetooth Performance Speaker.

Nobody loves fun and a party more than Max, which is likely why he has given up any permanent residency for the past five years in order to put together and emcee events across the globe, whether it’s an RV convoy across Canada for Ski Week, a Color Run or the Red Bull Soapbox Derby in his native Ireland, Yacht Week in the Greek islands, a dance party atop Kilimanjaro or sunrise yoga on South Africa’s majestic Lion’s Head mountain, overlooking Cape Town.

However, early on while building on his desire to visit every country on earth, Max began to realize that the real value of doing that is engaging with the people in each place he visits. Rantz-McDonald says “to visit another country without meeting and interacting with local inhabitants is like never having been there at all, because places are defined by the people who live there.” So, rather than simply checking into some posh hotel, planning and executing an event then doing a bit of sightseeing so that he can “check off” that country from his list, Rantz-McDonald builds some sort of local giveback into his travel whenever possible. And the result, he says, “is nothing short of soul-soaring engagement with my fellow humans around the world.” Whether spending a morning assisting locals with repairs at a village in the Amazon, visiting and engaging with handicapped children at a center near the base of Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro, or utilizing a drone to help locate victims/survivors following Nepal’s devastating 2015 earthquake, Max has found that “travel with a purpose” is the way to see the world from the bottom up.

So, when planning travel – whether to some far-away country you’ve never visited before or another part of your own country – Rantz-McDonald recommends building time in your schedule for what he says will be “the most rewarding part of your journey.” According to Rantz-McDonald, it’s easy to do. “The world is filled with orphanages where a visit from a foreigner will bring joy to the kids there, and all it takes is a phone call or email to arrange a visit.” You can volunteer at a local animal rescue, visit a local homeless shelter to help prepare meals or -- depending upon where in the world you are going -- contact International aid organizations like the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Oxfam International, World Food Programme to learn how you can volunteer your time once your work or sightseeing is wrapped up.

Showing up at a local soup kitchen and offering to wash dishes for an hour or spending an afternoon at an animal rescue helping tend to the dogs, cats or goats might just be the most rewarding part of your world travel. And most importantly, you will more than likely make friends you would have never crossed paths with otherwise.

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