Biting Wit and Outrageous Rhymes Combine to Make a Hilarious Commentary on Life and Politics

Sunken Restaurant Cover

Philip Taylor has put together some of his funniest satirical verse to remind us that human foolishness is an unchanging feature of the world we live in.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, USA, December 27, 2019 / -- The Sunken Restaurant is a light-hearted but incisive collection of comic political verse written by Philip Taylor during the 1980’s for broadcast on Cleveland’s Public TV station, WVIZ. As social commentary, it captures the humor and irony present in many aspects of life during the Reagan era. The subtle analogies and outrageous rhymes bring to life many issues that still have a surprising relevance in today’s world. The delightful line drawings by Camilla Taylor add vibrancy to the humor, and are the icing on the cake of this entertaining anthology.

The targets of Taylor’s wit cover a wide variety of ill-conceived human activity as recorded in the news media of the period: An ambitious plan for a gourmet restaurant aboard a large boat is torpedoed by fate when the boat is allowed to slip its moorings, and sink gracefully below the water; a town in Georgia passes a law requiring all heads of household to own a firearm, with unsurprising results; when the City of Cleveland announces a ban on the private ownership of lions, tigers or bears, some indignant lion-owners protest; restrictions on the use of child labor are about to be lifted, leading to speculation on where this might lead – These are some of the many topics addressed in this rib-tickling collection.

Philip Taylor is something of a Renaissance man. While he has been writing funny poems since the 1980's, when his rhyming political commentaries became a hit on the weekly program "Signatures" on Public Television, and was once a correspondent for the London Observer, he is also a well-known scientist. He has a day job as Distinguished University Professor at Case Western Reserve University, in which his copious writing on topics like "A Quantum Approach to Condensed Matter Physics" provides zero opportunity for wisecracks and drollery. Although he has no fewer than six physics phenomena named after him, he shrugs off his fame in science with the modest exhortation "Ah, but you should read my poetry if you want a real laugh!" We should all take his advice.

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