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Wi-Fi Clock Systems are simple to install, easy to configure and maintenance free. Accurate and reliable time has never been more affordable and dependable.

We needed synchronized bells and clocks for the school. The solution provided by Chomko LA was perfect. It works great!”
— Trinity Episcopal School – Victoria, Texas
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2019 / -- Pittsburgh, PA.—Chomko LA offers a clock system that any unwitting school system might be envious of: synchronized smart clocks that couldn’t be more dependable. These WiFi clocks are designed for efficiency and effectiveness, as their creators clearly understood the highly productive environments these clocks would be embedded within. There is no time to spare in a busy school day, and these accurate, reliable clocks are your new insurance policy of time well spent for staff, teachers, and students of any school system.

What makes Chomko LA’s clock systems different is their capability and accountability. One valued customer, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Ohio, had this to say about their WiFi clocks, once the installation was complete: “The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!” While you can’t put a price on providing “huge improvements,” Chomko LA has some ideas why their system has been so beneficial to so many satisfied customers. For one, these clocks have several features that match the speed and impact of technological revolution.

First, every single WiFi clock you hang in your school will be perfectly in sync with the others, eliminating any possible room for scheduling errors. As these clocks also come in wireless form, they eliminate all need of the hassle to plug clocks in or have strings hanging in potentially dangerous locations for students speeding off to their next class. These school clocks instead receive their power from battery life that can last years. Depending on the clock you choose, 2-battery or 4-battery, you are looking at upwards of 5-7 years of power, making the clocks unnecessary to meddle with for that entire time period! But if you don’t have to touch the clocks for this long, how is that they never get off the regional time or adjust to daylight savings? The answer is also in the capability of these superior school clocks.

The secret is in the WiFi clock system. If your school already has an existing internet network, which is practically everyone today, the installation of these clocks is as simple as logging into your device, finding the corresponding network your clock will bring up, and linking the two together. From here, your clock will be linked to a master account, from which it will receive any updates about time that correspond to the seasons, days, and years. The installation is that simple. Choose the place you’d like your clock to hang, and that is the most effort you’ll put into this clock until it’s time to change the batteries, which will be so far into the future you may just forget that technology can works this effortlessly.

What if the WiFi signal goes down? Clearly, a clock that needs WiFi needs a strong signal, otherwise it may stop working altogether right? Well Chomko LA has thought of this, too. Once linked to its master account, these smart clocks will use cloud-based monitoring to ensure both your battery life and your WiFi signal is at its most resolute. As the battery starts to dwindle, the linked email account will get a warning that it is almost time to change batteries. This eliminates the awkward occurrence of finding out the hard way that your clock stopped fifteen minutes ago, and parents are waiting outside to pick their students up!

After-all, it’s not just the student’s time that is precious. Furthermore, the account will also be notified if the WiFi signal ever dwindles, so that similarly the account holder has the opportunity to investigate the school’s overall signal before it interferes with untimeliness. In fact, this smart clock system acts like a canary in the coal mine should your school ever be experiencing signal issues, which can affect far more than school room clocks, as your Chomko LA clock will be the first to know.

The analog WiFi clock, which is also customizable for a unique logo, is a classic dial face to see in schools across the US. But what makes Chomko LA’s unique is that it updates itself, synchronizes based on the most accurate time-keeping in the world, and lasts for years. If the analog face does not fit with your school’s modern edge, however, the company also has sleek, digital options with multiple numbers of faces that can be hung from virtually any angle the location requires.

These digital options even help in those rare emergencies when warnings can be sent throughout the school for inclement weather or intruders in synchronized, readable messages streaming across the digital clock face. For those with disabilities, such as deafness, this digital WiFi clock could make all the difference for our most vulnerable students. Chomko LA’s clocks strive to consider everyone, and offer modernity, accuracy, and reliability in their wireless clock systems. For more information please visit:
Toll Free: 800-964-5749

About Chomko LA: Chomko LA, LLC has a global reach with our product line, offering clock and communication products such as WiFi Clocks, PA & Paging Intercom System. We have skilled project managers who dedicate themselves to ensure you get the information, pricing, and recommendation you need to make a great decision. We represent the most effective technology rich products to help organizations just like yours with your communication and timing needs. The advantage to our customers is that we are not tied to one manufacturer or software developer, we are tied to our customers themselves. We provide the options, the experience, and the service to make sure you get the best solution for your organization.

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