Factory Break Bell System Released

Factory Break Bell

Simple to Use, Maintenance Free

Plant operations can be enhanced by a simple but highly effective bell system to signal breaks or sophisticated solutions that can handle all communications.

We called upon Chomko LA to provide us a solution involving outdoor notification system and a panic button solution. They did an outstanding job! And it was under budget!”
— Southwestern Oregon Community College – Coos Bay, OR
PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Chomko LA, llc is keeping everyone on time with their network break bell systems this year. These accurate and reliable bell systems are a sophisticated technology dynamic enough for any space: factory, school, or workplace. Chomko’s buzzer systems perform far beyond a single, mechanical ping and can hook up to just about any tech associated with WiFi, making this the smartest bell system around in 2020.

Chomko LA is a tech-solutions company striving for quality in all their products, as their motto “Nothing Counts Like Excellent Service” upholds. And excellent service spans from consultation with a customer for their unique needs and building’s quirks, to the expert choice of technology laden in any Chomko LA product. The bell system, though highly impressive on its own, is just extension of a line of remarkable tech solutions to modern infrastructure, including paging systems, clocks, bells, and speakers, all of which can be expertly connected to work as one flawless system via WiFi.

One satisfied customer, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School of Ohio, had this to share with the company upon implementation of Chomko’s clock system, which can easily be synchronized to any bell schedule: “The clocks are a huge improvement, our school needed synchronized timing, it works perfect and is maintenance free!”
This line of buzzer or bell products is made with the understanding that in busy and productive environments, time is not only a precious commodity, it can be the very point of tension or relief for workers or students.

Factory bell breaks should be routine and guaranteed, otherwise work moral goes down and productivity suffers for workers. Likewise, a lunch break bell signals a time for students to take a mental pause in day of learning, making the most of their intellectual productivity after a fair moment to decompress and refuel with calories. And of course, as is important in any working environment, having an accurate break buzzer system can build dependable intervals into a daily schedule, keeping an entire building of busy people in a clear state of understanding where they need to be next. With an accurate bell system there is no need for friction about when a shift or class period has ended. But what makes this bell system so special?

Well, like any Chomko LA product, the innovativeness but also the reliability of their technology is what keeps customers returning. These bells come in multiple forms depending on a customer’s needs. If they simply seek a physical bells system, this can easily be installed and tethered to a master controller which is updatable through any web browser; simple recurring bell schedules can be created and the bells themselves can be programmed to make multiple alerts. It’s a simple, straightforward solution to any basic needs of a factory or school system and can even be connected via WiFi to a clock system to match the signaling bells. Once the program is set, maintenance will be nonexistent!

On the other hand, if a more sophisticated network is what a consumer has in mind, the Informacast speakers Chomko LA offers are a dynamic, impressive speaker system that can mold to just about any technological needs. Because this buzzer system is grounded in speakers, the speakers can play far more than a bell tone, including automated or live messages. This system can also be tethered to clocks, paging systems, and pre-programmed bell schedules, all via the wireless simplicity of WiFi. The clock system, too, because of its unique technology, is wireless and programmable from a computer, receiving all its updates via GPS-synchronized time. That means your bell system will be ringing according to the most accurate timing on the planet every single day, with little to no maintenance.

This Informacast bell system can be further programmed to send remote alerts to mobile devices, alerting those offsite about any important messages, such as lockdowns or hazardous chemical alerts, and the factory bell system can be programmed to activate existing infrastructure such as eye washes in chemical-related plants or other premise lockdowns. In the case of an emergency, chemical spill or extreme weather, even intruders, gambling with your workers or students’ lives is unnecessary with a system this efficient and reliable. Why take the risk or wait another day to maximize the time of everyone you work with—happy workers make productivity soar! For more information, please visit https://chomkola.com/

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