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U.S. Cabinet Component Company Offers 5 Questions Before Outsourcing

Bella IMC offers flat-pack cabinet components that can be assembled anywhere without tools or glue.

Reduces labor costs by assembling cabinets quickly.

Outsourcing cabinet components reduces labor costs.

Bella IMC Cabinets assemble on site quickly and look fantastic!

Bella IMC Cabinets assemble on site quickly and look fantastic!

Take the "Should I outsource?" Quiz

The most hesitation to outsourcing comes from giving up control of a critical piece of your project–the quality of the product! You can trust Bella IMC to deliver quality ready-to-assemble cabinets. ”
— Chad Shelton, Bella IMC, President

HUNTERTOWN, IN, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2019 / -- You may have considered outsourcing cabinet component parts but you're not sure if this business model is right for you. At Bella IMC we get it – we’ve been there. Here are five questions we ask our customers before they make the jump to flat-pack outsourcing cabinet components:

1) Are you struggling to find skilled cabinet makers?

2) Are you under a pressing deadline for completing your project?

3) Are you actively seeking new projects?

4) Do you strive to reduce project lead time?

5) Do you need more capacity but lack the time, space or capital to expand?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one question you have an occasional need for outsourcing. If you answered “Yes” to two questions you have a consistent need to outsource. If you answered “Yes” to three or more – order from Bella IMC today!

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Why Bella IMC?
The most hesitation to outsourcing comes from giving up the control of a critical piece of your project – the quality of the product! Here is why you can trust Bella IMC to deliver ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets you can stand on, literally.

1--We are the most experienced RTA (ready-to-assemble) cabinet components manufacturer in the United States. Cabinet manufacturers since 2004, we’ve been using BIFMA/ANSI certified Lockdowel slide-to-lock, RTA, cabinet components to complete our projects faster, with better profit margins since 2016. Lockdowel fasteners assemble 80% faster and the hardware is hidden leaving nothing to see but smooth, sleek lines. With Lockdowel our financial growth has been exponential, so can yours!

2 – Materials. We have the most selection of textures, colors and kinds of materials to choose from. Order online to your specifications. We’ve built thousands of cabinets using these materials. Our customers are happy. Yours will be too!

3 - We offer fast turnaround time for orders, between 5-15 days. Most of our cabinet orders can be completed in five days. Reduce turnaround time, reduce lead time, get paid faster

4 - We’ve invested in top of the line automation, software and people. Now you can benefit from our investment!

Chad Shelton
Bella IMC
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Why Bella IMC