KNOWHEN Advanced Optical Technology an Innovative Breakthrough at ASRM2019 Reproductive Conference

Test saliva daily to determine if you're ovulating

Check saliva to determine ovulation - ferning pattern means fertile

Seeing Green Ferning Means Fertile Ovulation Days to Conceive

KNOWHEN’s saliva-based technology is far more accurate and reliable. It takes the guesswork out of when women are ovulating and identifies a woman’s 5 (five) most fertile days to conceive.”
— Helen Denise, founder and CEO of HiLin Life Products, Inc.

NEWARK, NJ, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2019 / -- The KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test & Fertility Monitor App was heralded as an innovative breakthrough at the recent American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) 2019 Scientific Congress & Expo in Philadelphia, PA. KNOWHEN is a new generation test that uses advanced optical technology to pinpoint a woman’s 5 (five) peak days of ovulation when she is most likely to conceive a child.

The medical community was excited to see an accurate and natural chemical-free alternative to urine ovulation tests, which they report are sometimes unreliable. KNOWHEN® is unique in tracking estrogen to pinpoint the actual days ovulation occurs, unlike LH tracking used in urine ovulation tests to make a close prediction of when ovulation should occur. Estrogen tracking gives a wider window of fertile days for women to conceive or avoid getting pregnant.

KNOWHEN® is the ONLY saliva-monitoring ovulation device with 98.9% accuracy proven by U.S. clinical studies and FDA cleared. Awarded 2019 Best Saliva Ovulation Kit by Best Reviews for the third year in a row, KNOWHEN® is empowering women to take control of their reproductive health by daily tracking their personal ovulation cycles at home.

"It's so important for physicians to help women understand and accurately monitor their ovulation cycles. It's all about doing a simple saliva test daily to know when you could get pregnant," said Helen Denise, founder and CEO of Hilin Life Products, Inc., the Newark, NJ-based manufacturer of KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test & Fertility Monitor App and global leader in Fertility Tests and marketing research for women’s reproductive health.

Seeing Green Ferning Means Fertile Days to Conceive
Could I get pregnant today? You could if looking through the KNOWHEN® eyepiece reveals what looks like the leaves of a green fern on the optical lens. Seeing green ferning means a woman is fertile and ready to conceive if she so chooses. No pattern means no ovulation is occurring, some green dots and lines mean maybe a woman is beginning or ending her ovulation cycle, but an easily identified green fernlike pattern means a woman is ovulating that day and would get pregnant if she has unprotected sexual intercourse.

“KNOWHEN’s saliva-based technology is far more accurate and reliable. It takes the guesswork out of when women are ovulating and identifies a woman’s 5 (five) most fertile days to conceive. It’s a one-time purchase used daily that lasts for years,” says Denise, also known as “Miss Ovulation.”

“We are transforming the lives of women worldwide who want to manage their fertility and sexual health naturally. We are finally giving hope to so many women who thought they couldn’t have a baby and to women who can reliably manage their sex life naturally without fear of getting pregnant before they want to,” said Denise.

What is “Ferning”
The hormone estrogen links saliva patterns to a woman’s fertility. As ovulation nears, estrogen increases and causes the body's sodium levels to rise increasing the salinity of a woman’s saliva. Near ovulation the higher salt content causes the dried saliva to form crystallization patterns like ferns as seen under microscope. Both saliva and cervical mucus show these ferning patterns.

KNOWHEN® detects the surge in estrogen which occurs before ovulation when estrogen levels surge because of the growing follicles in the ovaries. The salt content in a woman’s saliva increases as well. When the saliva dries on the KNOWHEN® test strip, the salt crystallizes to make a pattern like ferns. Ferning means fertile days of ovulation for a woman to conceive or avoid pregnancy until she’s ready to plan a family.

How it works

• The level of estrogen in a woman’s saliva indicates when she is ovulating
• Daily place a drop of saliva on mini-ovulationTM microscope lens in the morning before brushing teeth or drinking any fluids
• Let saliva dry in minutes
• View the results in the eyepiece.
• Focus the magnification of the mini-ovulationTM microscope to check the lens for crystallization patterns. On the most fertile days, a distinct “ferning” pattern appears. “Ferning” means fertile. This method of testing is completely natural as well as simple to use, unlike messy urine sticks.
• Record the results on the KNOWHEN Fertility Monitor App to keep track.

Learn more about KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test & Fertility Monitor App at and see how it is helping physicians empower the lives of women everywhere.

HiLin Life Products is a NJ-based medical device manufacturer and maker of KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test & Fertility Monitor App, the safe, chemical-free, and leading saliva-based ovulation test empowering women with accurate tools and knowledge to take control of their fertility and reproductive health. KNOWHEN® is designed to help women more easily conceive and get back to a natural way of family planning. With a market of more than two billion women worldwide, HiLin Life Products has been creating the next generation of health products by combining scientific accuracy with a holistic natural approach. The company supports the use of eco-friendly materials and its facilities are ISO 13485 certified to assure the highest quality standards for medical device manufacturing. HiLin Life Products, Inc. is a globally recognized as a leader in Fertility Tests and marketing research for women’s reproductive health.

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Easy-to-follow, video animation instructions on how to use KNOWHEN to determine your 5 (five) fertile days in your ovulation cycle.

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