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Unytalk joins the Amazon AWS Activate portfolio

Video, Audio, Text, Payments

Highly available single page conversations app for service providers

Amazon AWS Activate program helps Unytalk to validate a secure and highly available EC2 cloud environment

SHARON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, October 29, 2019 / -- Unytalk Cloud, a customer facing cloud conversations and unified communication solution for service providers in healthcare, retail, consulting, education, media and business services, today announced its on-boarding with the Amazon Web Services’ AWS Activate program.

As part of this relationship, Unytalk will work closely with the Amazon EC2 architecture teams to continuously monitor and review its deployment on the Amazon EC2 computing infrastructure in the most optimized configuration. The goal is to ensure,in the most cost-efficient manner, high availability and performance for Unytalk's customers.

"Unytalk is excited about this partnership, because it helps offer a reliable experience for its customers as it gets ready to launch the cloud version of its solution for millions of small and medium sized service providers across North America.Consumers expect service providers to be available and also conduct transactions, on every available digital channel, anytime and anywhere,” said Mahendra Penumathsa, Unytalk's Chief Executive Officer. "AWS E2C is a key building block for Unytalk to service, scale and grow to fulfill this demand".


Media and Strategic Partnerships
Mahendra Penumathsa, CEO
Frank J. Gorkis

Enterprise Sales
Allen Stanten

Government, Nonprofits P3
Shimon Warden

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About Unytalk

Unytalk monetizes service interactions- leverages real time conversations and commerce tech, in a pioneering effort to transform the scale of service commerce. Unytalk helps service providers engage customers in a transaction oriented digital journey of conversations using real time text, voice & video presence on a single channel. Unytalk is distinguished by offering branded and low friction UI to produce higher lead conversions, customer convenience in service delivery, and remote service optimization.

cloud is a SaaS offering for small and medium business (SMB) service providers. An external facing unified real-time communications suite to trigger text, voice & video interactions with customers and teams. It is supported by vertical specific business forms to produce artifacts that are monetized.

unycare is an online & concierge driven healthcare service delivery and engagement platform for powering affordable care service business cases.

unycast is an interactive new age media and event broadcasting platform, powering interactive talk shows, crowd sourced media and learning use cases.

Unytalk, Inc. incorporated in June 2018 in Boston, MA. As an incubation with its parent, Neobric, Inc. it served SMB businesses and enterprise customers with private label/custom solutions since 2014. Presently, Unytalk services customers with a focus in US (North America), Australia, India and UK; additionally, global customers with high rates of 4G coverage (and 5G, circa 2022). Notable customers include TedTalks®, GE Healthcare, globalwonks, KOOI, TransportLAB, ERNET India, and Kellogg’s®.

Unytalk is committed to the highest standards of cybersecurity and privacy; therefore, Unytalk’s compliance includes partner driven PCI DSS and HIPPA compliance.

Unytalk cloud is a multi-purposed single page conversations app to sell to, engage and support customers of service providers. It enables reach ability and creates artifacts to help monetize service interactions. By partnering with Unytalk, businesses, nonprofits or governments would be able to bring usability, adoption and ROI to their existing enterprise systems and digital presence.

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