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Taobao Live Host Takes Chinese Live-Streaming Commerce Overseas, Selling 12 Shipping Containers of Goods in 5 Hours

Jack Ma interacts with fans from Viya's live-streaming room

Jack Ma interacts with fans from Viya's live-streaming room

Tmall Fresh named Viya “Global Good Stuff Recommender” on April 11,2019

Tmall Fresh named Viya “Global Good Stuff Recommender” on April 11,2019

Viya invited South Korean brands into her live-streaming room

Viya invited South Korean brands into her live-streaming room

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATE, October 22, 2019 / -- Taobao Live host, Viya, has officially been named “Global Good Stuff Recommender” by Tmall. Other descriptions of Viya include: “creator of the highest livestream trade volume,” “top host on Taobao Live,” and “enjoying a 7 million fan base.”

Viya officially joined Taobao Live in 2016. Starting in 2017 and for three consecutive years, she bagged six awards including “Most Popular Female Host,” “Host Creating the Highest Commercial Value” and “Host with the Most Influence”.

To describe the shopping experience in Viya’s live-streaming room as “grab and run” would not be an exaggeration. Whenever new products appear on the shelf, fans grab them as fast as they can, like free gold waiting to be collected. Ten thousand items selling out within 10 seconds is no longer news. From skincare products priced at several grand to bags of snacks priced at dozens of RMB, from fur for the new season to toothpaste for everyday use, Viya can always find and recommend quality items at good value for her fans. This has also won her the title “National Treasure Hunter” by Tmall International and the title “Global Good Stuff Recommender” by Tmall on two different occasions.

Viya Sets 267 Million RMB(37.8Million U.S. Dollar) Sales Record During “Double 11” in 2018

After the legendary record set by Viya in 2017 - “hitting sales of 70 million yuan for a new Taobao store with zero fanbase in a five-hour livestream” - Viya has been rewriting her legend every year. During the “Double 11” shopping festival in 2018, Viya once again broke her record.

Just as the clock ticked past midnight on November 12, 2018, an explosive piece of news issued by Taobao Live set the entire live-streaming world on fire. With 267 million RMB revenue within two hours and 330 million RMB(46.6 Million U.S. Dollar) revenue within 24 hours, Viya’s live-streaming room ranked number one on the Top Host List of Taobao Live's “Double 11” competition.

According to incomplete statistics, Viya’s live-streaming room created a total revenue of 2.7 billion RMB for the Taobao Live segment during 2018.

The First Person to take Chinese Livestream Overseas - 20,000 Orders Placed within One Second, 12 Containers of Goods Sold within Five Hours

In order to bring fans more quality products from overseas, “Global Good Stuff Recommender,” Viya, landed in South Korea on March 21st and launched her live-streaming of “Hand-Picked Global Good Stuff by Viya.” The livestream received a lot of attention from many in the South Korean mainstream media such as KBS and SBS. It also attracted a large number of fans from both within China and abroad, with the number of viewers reaching 4.58 million. During the live-stream from 7PM to 12AM Beijing time, 20 thousand different items sold out within an average of one second, and the 850 thousand total items sold filled up 12 shipping containers to go overseas.

Over 70 brands, including MEDIHEAL, VT, AEKYUNG and VIVLAS, showed up in Viya’s live-streaming room. Viya said, “I am very excited about inviting top-tier South Korean cosmetic brands to the live-streaming room. Our fans will have access to more unique products once we establish connections with South Korean brands.”

All goods in Viya’s livestream were top-tier South Korean cosmetic products directly supplied by the brands, and every product was selected by Viya herself. As the person in charge of “final-step quality assurance,” Viya said, “I only recommend to fans quality products that I've tried, used or tasted.”

“Global Good Stuff Recommender” Viya successfully completed the South Korean stop of her “Hand-Picked Global Good Stuff by Viya” tour.

Since then, invitations have flown in from Japan, Thailand, Australia and many other countries, as the “first person to take Chinese E-commerce overseas” Viya continues to bridge trade between China and overseas markets.

Committed to Poverty Alleviation and Helping Farmers

Viya started to devote herself to the cause of public welfare through poverty alleviation in April 2017. She has actively participated in poverty relief actions organized by Taobao Live, helping more than 10 counties and villages in poverty realize sales of over 300 types of agricultural products. Her broadcast has had a cumulative 20 million views, acting as a strong force for the promotion of quality agricultural products from various areas.

On January 10th this year, Viya moved her live-streaming room to the event site of Alibaba's Technology Assisted Poverty Relief Conference and helped poor counties in Hebei Province sell agricultural products such as eggs, yams and red dates. During the livestream, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, joined Viya in her live-streaming room during an interactive session. Viya's live-streaming room brought in close to six million RMB of sales revenue during the two-hour live-stream of the Special Hebei Poverty Relief Session. Twelve out of 21 types of goods sold out, out of which Kuancheng chestnuts were gone in 10 seconds.

Viya has also been interested in issues regarding Chinese female entrepreneurship. In March this year, Alibaba launched their online public welfare course “Class for Moms.” Teaching the class, Viya shared her experience and advice to promote female entrepreneurship.

Today, Viya acts as the weathervane for the Chinese live-streaming industry. As such, Viya sees that with trust comes responsibility. She said, “Being trusted by 7 million fans is a huge responsibility. I have no choice but to work hard in return.”

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