Motion Capture Group Retains Biotech Alliances International to Raise Series A $15 Million Financing Round

Proceeds to be used for the clinical validation of pioneering real-world motion analysis solutions and MotionMarkers for chronic movement disorders .

Our approach is based on extensive experience and data generated with our KOLs and the current medical gold standard for spine motion analysis outside the lab.”
— Hartmut Voss, Co-CEO of Motion Capture Group.
SAN FRANCISCO/HEIDELBERG, USA/GERMANY, October 22, 2019 / -- Motion Capture Group (MCG), a motion analysis and digital care company, today announced that it has exclusively contracted the investment bank Biotech Alliances International Inc. for its planned $15 million Series A capital raise.

MCG is pioneering the discovery of clinically relevant markers of movement disorders (so-called MotionMarkers) which are captured under real-world conditions using innovative wearable sensors. Via a sophisticated digital health infrastructure, MotionMarkers from patients with chronic motion conditions are continuously monitored and translated into clinically actionable, personalized treatment decisions. The Company focuses on motion-related conditions such as chronic back pain, knee, and hip arthroplasty or neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson´s disease or stroke. These conditions are among the main cost-drivers in healthcare spending worldwide.

At present, MCG is working on a new generation of dynamic motion analysis solutions based on posture and gait sensors combined with cloud-based analytics. The goal is to improve both treatment outcomes and quality and to avoid unnecessary healthcare costs. MCG´s proprietary MotionMarker solutions cover all aspects of the healthcare cycle: prevention, diagnosis, treatment and sports/well-being.

For the patient care setting, MCG´s solutions allow for the prevention of and recovery from musculoskeletal conditions, including knee, hip and back conditions. For the pharma industry, MCG provides MotionMarkers as validated clinical endpoints for drug development programs to establish objective, measurable drug responses.

"Our approach is based on extensive experience and data generated with our KOLs and the current medical gold standard for spine motion analysis outside the lab," said Hartmut Voss, Co-CEO of Motion Capture Group. "MCG´s next-generation spine sensor, MCGposture, analyzes the extension, flexion, rotation, and lateral inclination of the spine for up to 24 hours. The second product in our pipeline is MCGgait, a high-quality in-sole sensor for the long-term measurement, precise and permanent recording of ground reaction forces. Both sensors are designed to work under real-world conditions."

"We are currently focusing on the development of groundbreaking motion analysis solutions for lower back pain, osteoarthritis of the knee and hip, and Parkinson´s disease," added Michael Weber, also Co-CEO of Motion Capture Group. "Our goal is to expand our pipeline to other major chronic motion-related disorders such as stroke, diabetic foot ulcers, multiple sclerosis and sports injuries of the lower limbs."

"We are impressed by MCG´s pioneering approach to analyze real-world motion signals with gold-standard performance, so far only possible in expensive laboratory settings," said Dr. Franck Brinkhaus, CEO of Biotech Alliances International. "We are convinced that MCG´s digital health solution for chronic motion conditions will have a great impact on healthcare and on the pharmaceutical and medtech industries."

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