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AMERICA, October 16, 2019 / --, the world's leading digital asset trading platform, announced the second project of UP program -- Filenet -- will be available for half-price purchase with $500,000 USD worth at 14:00 on October 20th. VIP members at are entitled to a higher subscription quota.

UP is the enhanced iteration of's LaunchPad with a brand new half-price purchase channel for digital assets. The first project of UP was LivenPay's LVN token. LivenPay is an Australian restaurant payment platform growing a worldwide platform. They provided total amount of 1 million US dollars worth of LVN. The actual subscription amount was completed within 4 hours, and the final subscription amount exceeded 200%. LVN rose more than 34% at the opening of trading.

Filenet is a new incentive layer built on IPFS to reward miners for sharing their own storage and network resources. Filenet is also a token that runs on a distribution proof mechanism, a super cloud system based on IPFS for providing content sharing, dedicated to storing and distributing valuable content. It aims at connecting all idle storage space to form a powerful distributed data service system.Any storage device that can connect to the Internet can participate in mining. The project was launched by the IPFS community elite in October 2017 and led by Valiant Capital, a leading us venture capital firm.Filenet combined with IPFS protocol to construct an efficient decentralized data distribution network and form a business closed loop. First, through tokens to rewards, miners share their own storage and network resources. Second, they build a complete decentralized data service platform for the operation of DApps, which is the representative product of blockchain 3.0.

Here are 5 strategies for participating in the Filenet subscription on UP.

1.Account preparation
If you do not have an account of, you can visit the official website of or download the official App to register, and first pass the KYC authentication, because the trading of accounts without authentication will be restricted. UP subscription activity is expected to be held simultaneously on's official website and App.

2.Set a purchase alarm
The opening time of "Fn" half-price subscription is: 14:00 Hong Kong time on October 20, 2019, and the end time is 18:00 on October 20, 2019. After the subscription is completed, Fn Token will be issued according to UP activity rules, and the withdrawal service will be opened immediately.

3. Store up ZB Token in advance
Fn half-price subscription only supports purchase through ZB Token, and the same for all subsequent UP activities online, so it is necessary to prepare full ZB Token in the account in advance. ZB Token currently supports transactions on several platforms, including,, and Bitfinex.

4.UP subscription amount is linked to membership level
The UP subscription limit for ordinary users is only 100ZB, and the higher the VIP level is, the higher the amount can be.If you want to subscribe to more half-price Fn, you must first become a member of, which is especially recommended to purchase members through "lock up ZB Token". The UP subscription amount for VIP at all levels is as follows:

5.Pay attention to start time
After the Fn subscription ends on October 20, will launch Fn/USDT trading pair in the Advanced Market and Fn/QC trading pair in the Spot Trading. In the early days of market opening, digital asset prices can fluctuate wildly. If you are lucky enough to apply for the Fn, we suggest you pay close attention to the market.

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