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MyTEFL Internships for Non-Native English Speakers

Thai Beach

Where will our Teach in Thailand Internship take you?

MyTEFL's internships are now open to select non-native English speakers

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, October 1, 2019 / -- With the world shrinking at the alarming rate it is today and becoming one global market, few careers are as in demand as those that allow one to travel and see different parts of the world on a regular basis.

One of the easiest careers to get into that center around travel and adventure is that of the TEFL teacher. TEFL teachers live and teach English in countries which have a low rate of English competency and the TEFL industry is at an all time high.

Previously being a native English speaker was a strict requirement for any and all TEFL positions around the world. However, surging demand and an influx of competent, qualified non native English teachers have considerably loosened restrictions and changed employer’s perspectives. In some ways, non-native English speakers are said to make better teachers as they themselves have learned English from a non-native perspective and are able to better understand their students and the difficulties they face.

That being said, employers do still tend to prefer native English speaking TEFL teachers. There are many great jobs out there for non-native teachers but they do have to put in considerably more time and effort to finding a TEFL job and it can be quite hard to “get a foot in the door” as a non-native.

Luckily for for aspiring non-native TEFL teachers, we have two great internship programs in Thailand and Myanmar that have recently opened to select non-native myTEFL graduates.

The programs basically consist of a week of classes and orientation in the country before being placed in a full salaried teaching position. During this week, you’ll be staying with other myTEFL interns and participating in all kinds of fun and unique cultural activities and excursions. In Thailand you’ll be visiting Elephant sanctuaries and cooking Pad Thai and some of the activities in Myanmar include Burmese boxing and meditation guided by a Buddhist monk. We also help you with other aspects of settling into your new life as a TEFL teacher like setting up a SIM card and local bank account. The guaranteed job placement will also offer a competitive salary and plenty of support.

However these programs are not for everyone and there are a few requirements to get accepted.
1) Region

Non-native applicants must be from Central and South America or Western Europe. Russians and Eastern Europeans may be considered on a limited basis. Asian and African non-natives will not be accepted. This policy is due to visa restrictions in place by Thai and Burmese governments, it is not a policy of myTEFL.

2) Test Scores

Non-native applicants must have minimum proficiency scores in at least one standardized English proficiency test. The minimum test scores are as follows;

CEFR - Minimum score of C1
TOEFL - Minimum score of 96 or higher
TOEIC - Minimum score of 700

Other English proficiency tests like the IELTS may also be accepted.

3) Neutral Accent

Applicants must have a light or neutral accent. The submission of a short audio or video clip demonstrating the applicant’s accent will be required as part of the application process.

4) Bachelor's degree

Non-native applicants will require a bachelor’s degree in any major. There will be a limited amount of non-native non-degree holders who may be accepted into the Myanmar internship but the vast majority of applicants will require a degree. Degrees issued in languages other than English will need to be officially translated.

Once an interested non-native candidate has met all the requirements and is ready to apply, the process is easy. The candidate can apply via the website on the page for the internship they are interested in. A deposit is paid and the applicant is enrolled in our 120 hour professional TEFL course which they can begin right away.

While the course is being undertaken, our internship team will reach out to the student for the documents required for application. These include things like a scan of your degree, resume, cover letter and introduction video.
Upon reviewing the entire application, students who are accepted will be notified and processed to move on to the next steps.

Rejected applicants will be given the option to have their deposit fully refunded and course deleted or to continue their course to earn their TEFL certification. Keep in mind that rejection from the internship program doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a TEFL job, you’ll just have to use a different approach.

While there are many great TEFL jobs out there for non-natives willing to put in the time and effort, our internships could be the perfect fast track route to becoming a TEFL teacher for some.

For more information about internships, you can email our internship department at

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