Article by AlgEternal CEO Featured in The Introducer Magazine: “Microalgae and Climate Change”

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Various types of microalgae cells as seen under the microscope (Copyright David Ramjohn)

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Ramjohn focuses on practical applications of microalgae for action to reverse Climate Change while illustrating microalgae's history in terraforming our planet.

While corresponding and editing with David, I personally learned so much about algae as a natural resource to be nurtured and utilized to help create more meaningful climate action”
— Mary Kurek, Founder/Publisher "The Introducer Magazine"
LA GRANGE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 29, 2019 / -- AlgEternal Technologies’ CEO, David Ramjohn’s article titled “Microalgae and Climate Change” is featured in the 16th Edition of The Introducer Magazine, October 2019. This edition of The Introducer is focused on The Business of Saving our Planet: Climate Change & Circular Economy and is being released during Climate Week 2019 while these subjects are on everyone’s mind.

Ramjohn’s expertise in the application of microalgae to solving critical environmental challenges facing humankind was sought out specifically for his views on potential practical solutions to Climate Change. "As we were starting to put together what we knew was going to be an important edition of the magazine, we began looking for experts in diverse fields and globally who could be featured,” said Mary Kurek, Founder/Publisher, The Introducer Magazine. Kurek continued, “About one day before a close member of my network in Texas pointed me toward David Ramjohn as someone I should feature, I found David and had already started communication.”

Ramjohn’s vision for algae has been internalized into the Vision and Mission Statements he created for AlgEternal, which state: “AlgEternal Technologies, LLC will reduce human dependence on fossil hydrocarbons and create sustainable economic activity resulting in a healthier planet and improved quality of life for all, by harnessing the power of the PLANET’S PRIMARY PRODUCERS—ALGAE” and “AlgEternal Technologies, LLC will systematically apply microalgae as THE SUSTAINABLE INTEGRATED SOLUTION to the major existing and emerging issues facing our species, faster, more efficiently, and with greater environmental, social, and economic benefits”, respectively. Ramjohn focuses on finding practical applications with business viability that drive an economic model built on sustainable platforms that do not impair the environment.

In general, Ramjohn believes that algae represent the best opportunity for humans to keep Earth hospitable to humans. On arguably the single greatest challenge to keeping Earth hospitable, i.e. Climate Change, Ramjohn believes that microalgae can mitigate or reverse Climate Change by restoring ecosystem function and services. One major ecosystem microalgae can restore is soil; microalgae can repair this critical planetary carbon sink, facilitating healthy trees, crops, and other plants while avoiding carbon emissions from agriculture and land use. In addition, algae function very effectively in carbon capture and use from high carbon-emitting industries such as power generation, cement manufacturing, chemicals manufacturing. “Aside from these direct applications, we can use algae in so many ways to combat Global Warming, which drives Climate Change,” says Ramjohn; “for example, if we can replace protein from meat with protein from algae, then we can transition away from industrial meat production, which contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions such as methane from cows, and we can avoid using the significant resources currently used for meat production.”

“While corresponding and editing with David, I personally learned so much about algae as a natural resource to be nurtured and utilized to help create more meaningful climate action,” said Mary Kurek of their interaction; “his work and dedication as an impact solution provider makes for a perfect fit with The Introducer magazine edition on The Business of Saving our Planet: Climate Change & Circular Economy. What we will continue to learn from David as we further develop our networking relationship via The Frontrunners League will amplify the work of others in impact spaces."

"I hope that readers will be inspired to learn more about these amazing microorganisms to whom we owe so much," says Ramjohn; "but we cannot rely only on their ability to repair the damage we have done, we must also adopt circular economic models, change our patterns of production and consumption, and exercise our collective power to demand responsible and effective climate action from our elected officials and those with the means to effect necessary and sustainable change."

AlgEternal Technologies is an early stage company with patented technology for growing microalgae at scale. Operating as a Conscious Capitalism Company, focused on demonstrating the application of microalgae to solving significant human challenges such as: sustainable agriculture; water, air and soil pollution; and climate change. AlgEternal believes that the algae industry is critical to sustainable, ecocentric, circular economic activity while keeping planet Earth hospitable to humans. Learn more at;; or Follow AlgEternal on LinkedIn:; Facebook; Twitter; and Instagram:

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David Ramjohn presenting on "Algae 101" at the 2019 Algae Biomass Summit in Orlando, FL, USA