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IBG CEO, Harris White, talks about new economy.

LOS ANGELES, USA, September 22, 2019 / -- Inter Blockchain Group Inc (IBG) is a digital asset management company based in the USA with offices also in Switzerland. New offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, and China are also in the works, but first off is their new set-up in Malaysia.

Company CEO, Harris White reveals his thoughts.

Qn: Congratulations on your new office. Obviously, there are many choices to set up your first office in Asia so why Malaysia?

Harris White: You are right, we were spoilt for choice on where to start. Obviously, several locations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan are the first names that come to mind. These, being really established business hubs in the region and not forgetting China as well, being a huge economy.
But we decided on Malaysia ultimately due to its political and economic stability, its excellent location which allows us to easily travel around the region in any direction, and its openness to friendly foreign investors like IBG.

Qn: So, what about the other locations then? Any operational plans ahead for them?

White: Definitely! Malaysia is only the beginning! We have studied the region for some time and we believe that Asia is the new driving force of the world economy. We just needed to be on the ground to really understand it better. The Asian culture, mindset, and investment habits. This will really help us in the long run if we are here to stay. We will be setting up offices in all these places: Dubai, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan as well, appropriately. Absolutely!

Qn: That sounds very ambitious.

White: We have to be! Look, in assets management, we take risks every day, especially in digital assets management, but these are well calculated and well-executed. We don’t dive into something we are not sure of, and with the use our proprietary Quantum Data Intelligence, we are sure of our technology and results! We are ambitious and confident at IBG. We trust ourselves, that’s why our clients trust us! *chuckles*

Qn: What are your thoughts on the current global economy and how digital assets fit into all of it?

White: We are currently living in a chaotic world. I’ve never seen the global economy as cutthroat as it is now. Sino-American trade war, Japanese-Korean trade embargos, Hong Kong’s political unrest, US-Iranian nuclear tensions, and not forgetting the Brexit dilemma! These are all major global powers facing major issues that not only affect themselves but the global economy and community as well. It is at these times that one cannot simply put all their eggs in one basket! You have to diversify your investments and assets to ride out the storm. Digital assets investment quite seriously is providing an avenue for asset gains. Due to its decentralized nature, digital assets are not directly affected by the economy, but by the demands for it. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in digital assets in the current situation.

Qn: So, any advice on making digital asset investments?

White: That’s a good question! As with all investments, digital assets require investors to really follow the trends and constantly monitor the fluctuations in the market. Investors need to be decisive and have a keen sense of intuition to make the right moves. It's not easy. That being said, having a professional team to manage your digital assets for you is will greatly benefit you. IBG not only have a professional and experienced team of trading experts, but a very advanced Quantum Data Intelligence trading analysis system which further enhances investors’ assets potential, and maximizes trading profits!

Qn: Thank you so much for sharing your time and knowledge with us today.

White: Thank you

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