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USPONSORME: Living in the USA: Yes you can

Living in the USA: Yes you can !

A new platform is born in the United States, which can provide you with the names of companies ready to sponsor...

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 13, 2019 / -- Finding a job in the U.S. can be very challenging, especially for foreigners who need a visa sponsorship. To help make the process easier than it’s ever been before, USponsorMe matches international candidates with the right US-based companies and helps foreigners all the way to job offer acquisition. Created by assembling more than 6 million visa petition records, the platform uses a state-of-the-art algorithm that matches candidates with a network of companies.

"Each year, over 12 million foreigners are fighting to get a job and a visa to move to the USA, spending months and a lot of money without any results. USponsor Me drives them to the right sponsor companies in a couple of minutes.” says founder and CEO Sarah Papasodaro.

But how does it really work?

UsponsorMe will analyze a candidate’s profile, calculate the visa for which he or she may be eligible, drive the candidate to suggested open jobs at companies that can sponsor them for the kind of visa that would match their profile, and guide them to successful lead, featuring more than 350,000 U.S.-based sponsor companies on their platform.

More About USponsorMe:

Founded in 2017, USponsorMe was created by Sarah Papasodaro who decided to leave her 9-to-5 career in France to explore new opportunities in the United States.

With five years of experience as an enterprise resource planning consultant, Papasodaro understands customer needs and was able to grow a tech platform that efficiently resolves any issues that a job seeker faces when trying to move to the USA. A talented business developer with a Master’s degree, Papasodaro headed abroad in 2014 and launched a blog about her experience seeking work in America.

Leveraging her SEO abilities, Papasodaro’s blog reached the 500K visitor mark in just two years. The website’s newsletter also garnered an impressive 65,000 subscribers in under three years.‬‬

The site ultimately evolved to USponsor Me where Papasodaro now serves as CEO.

Papasodaro is joined by CTO and partner‬ Maxime Hilaire,‬ who holds a Master’s in computer science and has 9 years’ experience as a full stack software engineer. He worked across more than 10 successful projects for Airbus, Sharp and Fox, among others.

Hilaire’s challenges as a tech lead are to design and build apps in the cloud that manage tens of millions of documents at scale so applications can ingest TB of data smoothly at the "speed of light".

Maxime’s 2 AWS certifications (Developer & Architect) and in-depth knowledge of NoSql, big data, cloud, and JavaScript have allowed him to build the USponsorMe platform.

Both Papasodaro and Hilaire left France to find work in America despite not having any connections in a new country. After this difficult experience, both know the numerous challenges that foreign job seekers face, and it is why USponsorMe is the ideal platform to help people find work in the U.S.

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