Amazon's Jeff Bezos is Asked to Start "Jeff's Larks" to Give $1 Million Each to 100 People For Helping Mankind



Being the RICHEST MAN IN THE WORLD isn't easy with a target on your back, but Amazon's Jeff Bezos meets it head on. I'm here to help him! John Griswald.

"Jeff's Lark" promises to be the next "big thing" in philanthropic happenings and endeavors and INSPIRATION from Amazon's Jeff Bezos. Plain and simple. And good for helping all mankind!”
— Stan Zipperman
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2019 / -- Being the richest man in the whole world today isn't easy --- at all. The title spells "stress!" But when you're Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame and fortune, you expect it because you been through it before many times. As a matter of fact --- all the time. You have a target on your back all the time.

I'm here to help --- really. Nothing should surprise Jeff Bezos. I'm here because I'm the novelist John Griswald that wrote the romantic thriller "Girl From Rue Serpente" that I'm trying to have become a best seller and a major movie. The book can be bought at as it turns out. I'm also here because a few months ago I awarded Jeff Bezos my book's "Goodwill Citizen Award For Girl From Rue Serpente" to Mr. Bezos for his "spiritual" contribution to mankind and for being the second highest employer in the United States.If you are reading this press release and work at Amazon, please help get this news release in Jeff Bezos' hands.

Here's my request: that Mr. Bezos set aside $100 million dollars to fund "Jeff's Larks," a brand new philanthropic endeavor that donates $1,000,000 dollars each to 100 recipients that has caught his attention in his search for people's good deeds in helping mankind.

"Larksmanship" may become a term linked to Jeff Bezos for coining because it is meaningful but also has a touch of fun added to it how the term has evolved over the years. Other top 10 billionaires can follow suit
and start their own versions of "Jeff's Larks."

How about it Bernard Armault? How about it Bill Gates? How about it Warren Buffett? How about it Carlos Slim
Helu? How about it Amancio Ortega? How about it Larry Ellison? How about it Mark Zuckerberg? How about it Michael Bloomberg? How about it Larry Page? Each one of the above represents roughly 1 billion people. It's a figure almost impossible to process meaningfully.

That's why we need to get some good old competition going on here right now. When you guys step out into your billionaire world you see us in our world. Our world these days expects you to part with some of that vast wealth you mastered to acquire. Open that bottle of champagne and celebrate your own competition and have as much fun in donating to others far less worthy as celebrating your own creation of wealth.

But listen now. A whole lot of good can come out of this act of sharing. After all, it is a form of inspiration itself.

"Inspiration. Yes! "INSPIRATION" is the word of the FUTURE!

As for Jeff Bezos, he has his Amazon Studios outside Hollywood, California that can produce a 2 hour TV Special of his "Jeff's Larks" for the whole world to view. Now I ask, who wouldn't want to see the choices Jeff Bezos made in picking his personal selections? Right now, all he really needs to do is snap his fingers and thousands of employees are right there at his beck and call to start working on "Jeff's Lark."

Remember --- every recipient will be an inspiration multi-fold over the years. If we can get this happening
with other billionaires and even millionaires around the world --- this would be a great, GREAT change for the world to witness and embrace.

Let's look at some possibilities: senior citizens with ideas, babies with birth defects, volunteers with projects, activists with activities, religious leaders concerns, entertainers trying for attention, non-profit people, blind seers, inventors, unusual artists, unique politicos, military people, seekers, computer geeks, bitcoin dreamers, block chain believers, people into artificial intelligence, internet of things followers, internet enthusiasts. That's just off the top of my head.

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