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Consider An HVAC Service Plan

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This article talks about the pros and cons of a quality HVAC service plan to help you maximize the lifetime of your heating and ventilation system.

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LEVITTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2019 / -- The Keys to a Healthy HVAC System

Most home owners do not realize the importance of a properly maintained HVAC system. If your heating and air conditioning system is not running properly due to improper installations, or a lack of routine maintenance, you may be at risk for some of the following issues described in this article.

In this article, HTR Mechanical talks about the advantages of their routine service plan to keep your HVAC system running efficiently, but first we must discuss some of the issues you may develop while owning an HVAC system that is not properly installed or serviced.

Clogged Air Filter…

If you don’t change out your air handlers air filter at least once a month, while using your heating and air conditioning system every day, you will start to restrict the air flow to your condenser. This creates a lot of stress on the air handler, which in turn will shorten the lifetime of your HVAC system. This is with out a doubt the cheapest and easiest step to manage whether you replace this filter yourself, or call out one of HTR Mechanicals professional technicians to handle the task.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line…

From time to time, the drain pipe that allows the trapped humidity to leave the air handler through a typically installed .75’’ pic drain line can get clogged. This can create a very expensive problem if not properly managed with a routine line cleaning and inspection. Imagine your indoor unit sits above one of your favorite rooms in your well kept house. Then imagine water leaking throughout your ceiling because you did not inspect this drain line, causing water to overflow the drip pan above your favorite room leaking out all over your ceiling. This issue may not be as common as the clogged air filter, but is a very real potential issue that can also be prevented with a proper maintenance plan set up by your local Bucks County HVAC experts.

These are only two of many different things that can go wrong on your whole house HVAC system that can result in expensive, time consuming repairs. You can easily avoid most of them by respecting a plan to keep your heating and air conditioning system maintained by a professional, licensed and insured HVAC expert like HTR Mechanical. If you don’t know the last time your system was checked, than give HTR a call today at 267-241-3769 to schedule a no hassle service call to inspect your equipment to make sure things are working properly. For more information on Bucks County air conditioning service or mini ductless split units in bucks county, check out HTR Mechanical online at

HTR can also help you control the humidity in your house on those colder dry winter days with a whole house humidifier system. If your heat source is oil type or Forced Hot Air, this solution may dramatically increase your air quality in your home throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

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