"Girl From Rue Serpente" Author John Griswald Says "You Can Judge a Book By It's Cover"



At the turning point climax of "Girl From Rue Serpente," artist Ricardo Movits captured the romantic tragedy in its surreal glory in his book cover's artwork.

Ricardo Movits captured the moment in GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE when the surreal lover's nightmare erupts into a maddening conflict between characters at the eerie Notre-Dame Cathedral chamber in Paris.”
— John Griswald
HONOLULU, HAWAII, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Have you ever really analyzed a book by its cover. Have you ever conceptualized what might be the relationship between the book's cover and what the book is actually about?

Author John Griswald, who worked 40 years on his romantic thriller, GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE novel, wanted to show the reader the turning point in his book --- that exact moment when the three main characters --- Aimee, a French Resistance fighter, Christian, a handsome American soldier in the Liberation army and Father Cariot, a self-imortant and lusting priest --- find out what the major conflict is between them and what they must come to face in the shocking finale that lies ahead.

Novelist John Griswald told Brazilian artist Ricardo Movits, the book's designer , that he needed to capture in the book's cover design artwork the exact moment in the nightmare that highlights the book development. This was the true test for the imagination of the book buyer --- the words of the book had to be painted to reflect the exact tension the characters are feeling. It's not enough to pose about what is going on. There needs to be tension and movement of urgency and even expressions of battle to truly convey the meaning in the book's cover art. You can buy a copy from www.amazon.com

To my observation, there isn't a single book cover around that does this exact act on its actual cover artwork.

Study the haunting book cover of "Girl From Rue Serpente" very closely. You will notice that only the priest has his face partially showing the viewer. The faces of the girl and the soldier are turned away from the viewer. This was done intentionally because if a movie is made from the book cover is used in the movie ads, we might want to show the actual actors' faces.

As you can see, if the elements of a book are done properly as in "Girl From Rue Serpente," and you look at the book cover as a test, you can see that you can judge a book by its cover. To get your own copy, go to www.amazon.com Happy reading!

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