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The Queen of Personal Transformation, Rev. Sheila E. Johnson to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

STEWARTSVILLE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 5, 2019 / -- As Neale Donald Walsch says, we are each of us an individuated expression of Divinity. We incarnate to experience a world of duality and we are here to learn to overcome and evolve.

We have two choices: love or fear. And are we going to expand in love or are we going to spiral down into fear? In love we expand. Fear will contract us. If we choose courage and love we expand to heal others.

After more than 30 years in the corporate world, Rev. Sheila Johnson discovered she was a gifted healer. Today, she is the “the queen of personal transformation,” here to help you resolve issues with yourself, your relationships and awaken you to an even higher potential for more balance, lasting inner peace, happiness and authenticity.

“I specifically came into this lifetime and probably other lifetimes to heal,” says Johnson. “I heal people wherever they are, at whatever level they are. I love to help people. It's my calling.”

Johnson is trained in energy healing, hypnotherapy, past life regression and akashic readings. She draws on each of these modalities to get to the core of whatever your problem, issue or pain is.

“As a healer, there's not just one path to healing someone because everybody's different at different places,” says Johnson. “No matter what our circumstances are, we have the capability of renewing and rewiring our brain, which feeds into our whole energy system, the soul of the infinite divine beings we are.”

Johnson’s primary gift as a healer is her kinesthetic clairsentience.

“When we were learning to really tune into other people's energy, I had all these different tingling sensations,” says Johnson. “When I'm sitting across from people reading their energy, I feel somebody's emotion, I feel different tingling on my body.

“I'm just a vessel of healing energy, but when I allow that to be open and allow that source energy to come through, I can offer whatever that person needs, and that’s where the healing takes place.”

Still, says Johnson, all healing begins with you.

“Self-care. Self-love. Self-healing.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Rev. Sheila E. Johnson in an interview with Jim Masters on September 9th at 2pm EDT.

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