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Kelly Vaughan of Jag Products Inc. to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SCANDIA, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2019 / -- On a fateful trip to the Laughing Water Guest Ranch, Kelly Vaughan would meet Jim Gravelle, and change her life forever.

Electric fencing for livestock is a psychological barrier. It keeps the livestock safe and protected within the area they are confined to. If you're using a steel or a wooden post and if you have high-tension electrified wire, you need a plastic insulator to keep the wire away from the fence post and prevent it from shorting out.

Jim needed research and marketing for his insulator idea. Kelly needed to write a term paper.

And so Jim took a leap of faith to believe in Kelly and her capabilities. The connection the two shared was instant and what resulted was a partnership for the ages.

“The story behind our company gives people inspiration,” says Kelly. “You just don't know if you don't try.”

Today, Kelly Vaughan is the owner of JAG Products, Inc. manufacturers of unique insulators for electric fencing used in the containment of livestock.

“I went from never expecting in a million years to be an entrepreneur to now I've been one for 20 years,” says Kelly. “There are a lot of ups and downs., but at the end of the day, running your own business, being an entrepreneur, is a marathon, never a sprint.”

Kelly says you are never going to feel such a wide range of human emotions as you are as an entrepreneur, especially as an independent woman business owner. Your business is ultimately going to rise and fall with you, so entrepreneurs must thrive in the gray where most people and corporations are black or white.

“You're the one with the vision, you're the one that knows this is the road we're going down, no matter how many people try to take you down a different road,” says Kelly. “You develop an intuition and you learn to trust your instinct.”

There’s a big difference between an “entrepreneur” and an entrepreneurial spirit. That’s why Kelly is transitioning toward using her experience to mentor other fledgling entrepreneurs.

“What attracts me to different entrepreneurs is when I can catch a glimpse of their uniqueness, that's what draws me in,” says Kelly. “I know what they want to accomplish, I know what they want to do, so it's all about removing that fear.

“When I look back now versus then, the Kelly then versus the Kelly now, that's what drives my passion to help these other entrepreneurs, because I've been there, I know that feeling, I know that scariness. I know that fear. Fear can be so debilitating. The only way to combat it is to take that very first scary step.”

CUTV News Radio will continue its eight-part series featuring Kally Vaughan, with hosts Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters every Wednesday from September 4th to September 25th at 12pm EDT

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