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Women's Health Leader and Author Dr. Victoria Mondloch Returns to CUTV News Radio

WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, September 2, 2019 / -- Dr. Victoria Mondloch is living the dream she set out to achieve in her 20’s, which was to become a physician. Our dreams she says, change from 20 to 30 to 40 and on, because as people we always grow and change. Her goal of making a difference keeps taking new shape, and today it is about creating a very different kind of patient experience: one that puts the patient at the center, and one that integrates wellness and practices that depart from conventional (Western) medicine. Her style of care also makes women feel more comfortable and is about listening to people rather than dictating to them, so they become active partners in their own health. For this visionary doctor, success isn’t about reaching a certain number of surgeries or a financial mark, it’s about making the right kind of care available to all women and leaving a legacy.

Dr. Mondloch earned her MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin, did her internship in Internal Medicine and then her Residency in OB-GYN at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee. She is a licensed OB/GYN who has practiced for more than 30 years now. and her work keeps evolving. Establishing her own private practice, focusing more intensely on hormones and integrative care, and writing two books, were all shifts that came on the heels her own health crisis. The answer was found in hormonal imbalances at the perimenopausal stage. You can read more of Dr. Mondloch’s personal story at the beginning of each of her books. She will be discussing these books (guides for mothers and daughters at various stages of life) and sharing case studies from them, in this last half of her series.

The first book, Blossoming relates the changes women go through from childhood to adolescence into the childbearing years. Listening to its case studies, women will surely recognize a sibling, friend, or schoolmate and the problems they suffered—from acne to bulimia to skipped periods or crippling endometriosis. Dr. Mondloch’s new book, which will be debuting on in September, is called Full Bloom and covers what women go through during perimenopause and beyond. She plans to do one more book devoted to female hormones at different ages and stages, and then a fourth one about hormone balancing in men. They all discuss how to recognize symptoms and address them with your health provider.

Dr. Mondloch stresses that nothing in her life was ever accomplished the easy way. She fought to get into medical school, questioned much of what she was taught, and fought again to obtain the Residency letter that enabled her to begin practice. She strove to integrate wellness services into her group practice, and later to build her solo one. She fought to make techniques like perinatal massage part of a better birthing experience. Listen in to discover how she is still fighting to help women today, as they look for quality care that takes their hormones, total health, and feelings into account.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Victoria Mondloch in a series of interviews with both Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn, Tuesdays at 3:00pm EDT from September 3rd to September 17th

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