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Gazprom Neft’s Omsk Refinery supports Russian industrial equipment manufacturers

Gazprom Neft is due to take delivery of large-scale equipment for diesel-fuel hydrotreatment and dewaxing facilities currently under the construction at its Omsk Refinery from Russian manufacturer Izhorskiye Zavody.* This future complex is intended to replace two outdated facilities at once, facilitating a two-fold increase in the production of winter and Arctic diesel fuels. The project, involving a total investment of RUB17.5 billion, forms a major part of a development programme at the Omsk Refinery under implementation by Gazprom Neft since 2008.

The steam-stripping column produced by specialists at Izhorskiye Zavody is designed to process the final purification of fuels from hydrogen-containing gases. Special heat-resistant steels were selected for this key equipment at the future complex, and cutting-edge anti-corrosion treatments applied. The 37-metre-high column, which weighs 400 tonnes, will be delivered to Omsk from the Leningrad Oblast via the Northern Sea Route later this autumn.

«This is not the Omsk Refinery’s first experience of cooperating with Izhorskiye Zavody. The company previously produced six high-capacity tanks for the deep oil refining complex, also under construction as part of the full-scale modernisation of the plant. We are keen to develop cooperation with key Russian equipment manufacturers, since modern domestic solutions are effective in operation and mean we do not have to rely on foreign supplies.»

Oleg Belyavsky

Oleg Belyavsky CEO, Omsk Refinery

«Izhorskiye Zavodi has extensive experience and considerable scope for producing unique equipment for the oil refining industry. Working with such a reliable partner as the Gazprom Neft Omsk Refinery promotes our mutual development and demonstrates the effectiveness of using cutting-edge domestic heavy-engineering technologies, in practice.»

Yuri Gordenikov

Yuri Gordenikov General Director, Izhorskiye Zavodi