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DSSTPrep™ courses are available through the recently-launched website, https://www.dsstprep.com.

SpeedyPrep™ is excited to announce the launch of DSSTPrep™ – a new test prep product designed to help you prepare for and pass the DSST exam.

The DSST Credit–by–Exam Program by Prometric is excited to announce the addition of SpeedyPrep as an endorsed & approved test prep provider.”
— -Jason Fine, Prometric

ABILENE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- SpeedyPrep™ provides test prep courses for CLEP exams and has helped thousands of college-bound students and adult learners save time and save money while earning their college degree. We are excited to announce the launch of DSSTPrep™ – a new test prep product designed to help you prepare for and pass the DSST exam. DSSTPrep™ is an official test prep provider for the DSST exam and is endorsed by Prometric.

According to Jeff Rogers, President of SpeedyPrep™, "SpeedyPrep is excited and honored to partner with Prometric/DSST, an industry leader in educational testing of the highest integrity, giving us the opportunity to further the SpeedyPrep mission – to offer affordable education test prep materials to help individuals/families drive down education cost, while increasing their chances of completing a degree in less time."

Passing a CLEP or DSST exam shows that you have a fundamental and working knowledge of a college-level subject. This becomes a part of your permanent college transcript. As a result, you do not have to pay tuition for that class, buy textbooks, attend class, turn in assignments, or take mid-terms and finals. DSST and CLEP exams can fit into the life of anyone pursuing a college degree, not just full-time students! Military service people, homeschool students, and working adults all use DSST and CLEP to streamline their route to a college degree, finding that it fits into their active lives.

There are various options for preparing for your DSST and CLEP, including reading through old textbooks, plowing through workbooks, or just winging it. SpeedyPrep’s™ online materials offer an alternative that is based on the mastery learning technique. The repeated demonstration of correctly answering questions leads to facts and concepts being locked in your memory, ready to recall when you take your exam.

When you use SpeedyPrep’s™ flashcard teaching system, you will be giving yourself the repeated experience with the facts, terms, and concepts you need to know to pass your DSST or CLEP exam. The explanations and videos that accompany the flashcard questions will give you added context and understanding of what you are learning. When you answer your SpeedyPrep™ flashcards correctly multiple times, the knowledge and information you are gaining will lock into your memory.
The SpeedyPrep™ progress bar will fill in as you master your material and you can watch it as it fills to 90-100%. At that point, you are ready to take your exam.

SpeedyPrep™ can be completed entirely online and can be used on any mobile device. No additional books or materials are required. SpeedyPrep™ offers a money-back guarantee. If you complete our program (fill your progress bar to 90-100%) but fail your DSST or CLEP exam, we will refund your money. We offer this guarantee because we know that our program works and we are committed to offering comprehensive curricula that meet the standards established for each DSST or CLEP exam.

DSSTPrep™ courses are available through the recently-launched website, https://www.dsstprep.com. DSSTPrep’s™ mission is to offer test prep material tailored specifically to each DSST subject exam, this truly prepares an individual to pass a DSST exam.

Here are a few highlights of DSSTPrep™:
• A single $29.95/month subscription allows 24/7 access to all courses.
• All courses provide a comprehensive curriculum following the guidelines provided by DSST/getcollegecredit.com.
• A “fill-in-the-blank” flashcard format, supplemented with short videos and written explanations, provides a multi-sensory educational experience.
• Additional resources are offered to further deepen your study, including access to Open Courseware (free college courses).
• A progress bar tracks mastery of the material (i.e.: Questions must be answered correctly 7 times. When the progress bar reaches 90% you are ready).
• With our Money-Back Guarantee, we will provide a full refund if your progress bar reaches 90% and you fail a DSST exam on your “First” attempt.

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If you are in the military the first-time testing fees for DSST and CLEP are paid for by DANTES.

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