VentureWrench Startup Community Announces Workshop: Power is NOT a 4 Letter Word - Understanding Power in Organizations

VentureWrench, Startup Coaching Community

VentureWrench, Startup Coaching Community

Nicole Toomey Davis

Nicole Toomey Davis, Enclavix Pres & CEO and VentureWrench Co-Creator

VentureWrench Startup Tools For Entrepreneurs

VentureWrench Startup Tools For Entrepreneurs

VentureWrench Workshop will be held at the Utah-Davis/Morgan Entrepreneurs Growth Meeting on 8/22/2019 at 4:30pm, hosted by Davis Tech Business Resource Center

Many entrepreneurs make big mistakes because they don't understand that every organization, and the people in the organization, are affected by power which must be understood and well managed.”
— Nicole Toomey Davis, Enclavix President & CEO and VentureWrench co-creator

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH, USA, August 19, 2019 / -- The VentureWrench™ Startup Community from Enclavix™, LLC is pleased to announce that Nicole Toomey Davis will be presenting the VentureWrench workshop, "Power is NOT a 4 Letter Word - Understanding Power in Organizations" at the upcoming Utah - Davis and Morgan Entrepreneurs Growth Meeting on August 22, 2019 at 4:30pm, hosted by the Davis Tech Business Resource Center.

Enclavix President & CEO and VentureWrench co-creator, Nicole Toomey Davis said, "Many entrepreneurs make big mistakes because they don't understand that every organization, and the people in the organization, are affected by power. And if power is poorly understood, and managed, then the organization and all the people in it will suffer. That's why I say, Power is NOT a 4 Letter Word. My model of the types of power includes 3 different types of power. In the workshop we will learn to understand each type of power and how to use it wisely and to make sure others in your organization use power wisely too."

Members of the Press and growth entrepreneurs are welcome. The Entrepreneurs Growth Meeting is sponsored by the Kaysville, Utah SBDC and supported by VentureWrench.

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