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New Organic Elderberry Gummies Boost Immune System With Great Taste

Elderberry gummies for kids

Benefits of Elderberry Gummies

Vita Miracle

Vita Miracle's Sambucus Elderberry Gummies for adults and kids is an all-natural product that delivers all the benefits of elderberries known for centuries.

MESA, AZ, USA, August 13, 2019 / -- Vita Miracle is pleased to announce the launch of its new elderberry gummies via Amazon. This organic formulation contains vitamin C and zinc and can provide relief from cold and flu symptoms while supporting the overall immune system.

“All the great cold and flu-fighting benefits of elderberries known around the world for hundreds of years have been put together here in a great-tasting gummy that everyone can enjoy,” said a Vita Miracle spokesperson.
“Vita Miracle is also proud of the product in that it contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and is non-GMO. All these things add up to wonderful immune support plus cold and flu product for adults and kids that is safe and effective.”

Elderberry refers to several varieties of the Sambucus tree, which is a flowering plant belonging to the Adoxaceae family. Elderberries are a low-calorie food packed with vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants in the form of phenolic acids, flavonols and anthocyanins. The juice or dried berries have been used for centuries to treat influenza, infections, sciatica, headaches, dental pain, heart pain and nerve pain. The ingredients in these Sambucus elderberry gummies have been scientifically proven to reduce the length and severity of symptoms caused by the influenza virus.

Vita Miracle informs that its new product can be taken through the cold season to eradicate irritating symptoms such as scratchy throat, coughing, sneezing, and sniffles. The product is safe to consume because it doesn’t contain any artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors. This 100% vegetarian gummy is also non-GMO, gluten-free and kosher-certified. Each serving of the elderberry gummies for kids contains 100 mg of elderberry extract.

“I started taking Sambucus Black Elderberry Gummies last year to build up my immune system during cold and flu season, and now I have them every day. I highly recommend adding them to your nutrition regimen,” said a satisfied user of the product.

Those interested in Vita Miracle’s Elderberry Gummies should visit the company’s website or Amazon storefront.


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