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The Magic is in the Extra Mile for Rick Rahim

Rick Rahim Guest on Fox News

Rick Rahim Guest on Fox News TV

Rick Rahim Skydiving

Rick Rahim Skydiving

Rick Rahim with President George Bush

Rick Rahim with President George Bush

Rahim advises empowering employees and providing tons of value for your company

Rahim advises empowering employees and providing tons of value for your company”
— Rick Rahim
RICHMOND, VA, USA, August 5, 2019 / -- Rick Rahim is a serial entrepreneur who has built, owned, and managed inbound call centers that have collectively taken over one million consumer calls for service and order taking. Rahim personally built and sold a call center that generated over 1 billion dollars in customer subscription sales for Dish Network.

Today Rick helps entrepreneurs through his website Rahim has helped develop and grow brands in several different industries. Like a lot of successful people, failure was his most excellent teacher. Rick would not be where he is today without the valuable lessons he learned from it. One of the most important lessons Rahim has learned is about investing. People say they invest in stock, bonds, real estate, etc., but Rick says that PEOPLE will always be the best thing to invest in. While we keep hearing, “only you can make yourself successful,” our success does depend on the support of other people.

The CEO of a technology company needs people to sell their services, people to provide customer support, and others to carry out the company’s mission. A doctor needs someone to answer the phones, handle billing, and of course, patients who want to see him. A salesperson needs someone to buy from them. We could go on, but the point is success happens when you have the support of other people. According to Rahim, good people provide a better ROI than anything else Rick has ever come across.

A big problem across large call centers is the lack of quality customer service, which stems from inadequate training and recruiting. When people find Rahim through his company website, Rick always talks about defining and living your core values. The core value that is still at the top of Rick’s list is the willingness to go the extra mile.

“Onboarding customer service employees correctly means that you are giving them a thought process for how to handle customers and go the extra mile,” says Rahim.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction go up tremendously when a company is willing to go the extra mile, and they certainly know when you don’t care at all. Rick Rahim advised to teach your employees this as a philosophy for their life. Of course, going the extra mile in their job is your goal, however getting them to adopt this thought process for their entire life will make them a better leader and human being.

Rahim advises empowering employees and providing tons of value for your company, beyond their current role. This mindset will cause people to rise up and help them develop into better leaders, coworkers, resulting in potential promotion, and a workplace that is filled with optimism and positivity. This one thing will change the entire culture of your business, and that’s when greatness truly happens.

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