Amazon's Jeff Bezos is a True Genius. See How He Became the Richest Man On Earth in an Incredible 24 Years



Jeff Bezos found the way to go from Amazon in a garage to the richest man on earth in just 24 years.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon found out what was going to happen next by creating companies whose role was to do that for him with the best resources available.”
— Stan Zipperman
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 6, 2019 / -- Ever since I started following Amazon's Jeff Bezos I knew he was one in a Million. Of course, today he is one in a Billion or should I say Number One in 7.7 Billion people --- the current population of people in the world.

This meant that Bill Gates of Microsoft and Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway would have to settle for second and third places, which aren't too shabby, either. Last year Bezos' net worth was $165.6 Billion. This year, this 55 year old genius is worth slightly less at $117 Billion, according to Bloomberg.

Of Cuban descent, in 1994 Bezos moved from New York with his wife MacKenzie to Seattle, Washington where he started Amazon bookstore in a garage, later moving to larger headquarters as business progressed.

In 1997, Amazon went public as an e-commerce internet company. Some investors doubted if it could compete with more established public institutions as Walmart and all the rest. However, sales went from $510,000 in 1995 to approximately $17 Billion in 2011. I'd call that competitive!

Busy Jeff or more accurately BUSY JEFF is a "quick learn" right from the start, as they say in business circles. Forbes and Fortune began taking greater interest in him as years went by. Early on Jeff found out that owning companies that specialize in analyzing the in's and out's of types of companies he wanted to own, was a good way to discover businesses from his legal access to "insider" information and data that possessed those qualities he needed to be successful. It helped him choose the best.

Bezos has put together an executive team of experts to run and run with his projects. They are real people, though it appears that only Jeff himself is the actual spokesman for Amazon. Here are the most known names of executives under Jeff Bezos: Brian Olsavsky, Jeffrey M. Blackburn, Andrew R. Jassy and David Zopolsky. Bezos knows how to keep things under control, a important trait for his success as a true genius.

Here are three examples of his insights. He started selling books online with Amazon in a garage in 1994. In 1996, he acquired Alexa, a web analyze service. In other words, Alexa had the best analysis of the internet that was available anywhere. Knowing what to look for, gave him insight to which types of internet companies would be good bets to invest in. As a result, he made many very wise and worthwhile investments as well as legal ones.

We are assuming that Jeff had some kind of interest in movie making or movie production. As early as 1998 Amazon acquired a company owned by Col Needham called IMDb out of England. It was then and still is now, the leading information website on motion picture data and general up-to-date industry knowledge. Guess what? In 2013 Bezos started Amazon Studios. Along with two others --- fast-riser Netflix and icon Disney --- the motion picture business is feeling the influences of all three as new frontiers are leading the way.

What is a good way to follow and get first hand information on what exactly is happening in the whole world, especially in international politics and affairs? What's your guess? Own a newspaper --- an important one. How about the Washington Post? And headquartered in Washington, DC. Done deal. This acquisition made in 2013 gives Bezos world-wide legal "insider" knowledge what's happening on a world-wide scale where the news is being made and how it is being made. We're talking first-hand information involving the actual movers and shakers in today's behind locked doors political world. Overall, international journalists possess the best knowledge of world affairs since they engage in it everyday.

There's more but we'll conclude with his largest purchase thus far --- Whole Foods Markets, a pioneering grocery chain which has actually put Amazon on the literal map across the states. Then there's Jeff's special and personal project --- his other-worldly project Blue Origin of space craft development in all its secretive glory. This is perhaps his least public venture. If we don't see him at some point in time, then it will be time to find out more about Blue Origin.

Or one might check out movie studios in Paris. He just might be sitting in the executive chair during the shooting of none other than "Girl From Rue Serpente," the John Griswald novel has been called "this generation's Romeo and Juliet." It is a hauntingly epic romantic and heart-breaking story of two star-crossed lovers caught in mysterious Paris during World War II.

Last month, author John Griswald honored both singers Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee with "Girl From Rue Serpente's Goodwill Citizen's Award" for their rendition of "Despacito" that was viewed by more than 6.3 billion people, making it the world's most viewed music video on YouTube. This month that honor goes to Jeff Bezos for two basic reasons. First, Amazon employs the second largest number of people in the United States and second, Jeff Bezos has a unique spiritual understanding as a leader in commerce. The world simply needs more people of the quality leadership of a Jeff Bezos!

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