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Medication take-back campaign reminds Canadians that everyone has a role to play in reducing the potential misuse of prescription drugs

Many prescription drugs that have a high potential for misuse come from the medicine cabinets of friends and families. ”
— Gianni Del Negro, Pharmacist at London Drugs
RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA , August 1, 2019 / -- In support of the second annual National Drug Drop-Off Month, this August London Drugs is joining Drug Free Kids Canada to encourage all Canadians to secure their prescriptions and return all unused or expired medications to pharmacies. As communities throughout the province grapple with the devastating effects of the opioid crisis, this month-long campaign highlights the problematic use of prescription drugs by teens and emphasizes the need for safe disposal to reduce the instances of abuse, overdoses as well as accidental poisonings.

“Many prescription drugs that have a high potential for misuse come from the medicine cabinets of friends and families. Whether intentional or accidental, ingestion of these prescription drugs is a very real risk to the health of our communities,” says Gianni Del Negro Pharmacist at London Drugs.

Drug Free Kids Canada has been promoting the need for Canadians to secure their medications and return any unused to pharmacies since 2013.

“The returned amounts have continued to increase as more parents are becoming aware of the importance of returning unused drugs left in the medicine cabinet as they can easily be accessed by children and can harm our kids,” says Chantal Vallerand, Executive Director of DFK Canada.

While most pharmacies, including London Drugs, accept unused medication for safe disposal every day, National Drug Drop-Off Month reminds Canadians that everyone has a role to play in reducing the potential harms of prescription drugs on communities and the environment.

“Cleaning out your medicine cabinet and safely disposing of unused and expired medications at the pharmacy is a simple way we can all help reduce the potential harms of prescription drugs,” adds Del Negro.
Many prescription medications, over-the-counter products and health supplements remain in medicine cabinets and kitchen drawers long after their expiry date, while others are simply unused. One of the best ways to prevent misuse of medications in the home is to clean out the medicine cabinet regularly. Properly disposing of these drugs as well as medical sharps is important not only for the safety of loved ones but also for environment.

Tips for Cleaning Out Your Medicine Cabinet

1) Check expiration dates and remove products that are expired.
Pharmacists recommend cleaning out your medicine cabinet annually since virtually every medication – from vitamins, to prescription medications, to over-the-counter products – have expiry dates. Keep in mind that some products can expire before the date on the label once opened. When in doubt, ask a pharmacist.

2) Remove any medication not in its original container.
If you can’t remember what a medication is for or who it was for, get rid of it. As much as possible, keep your medication in its original packaging. Mixing different medications in the same container or storing them outside of their original packaging increases the likelihood of accidental overdose or poisonings.

3) Place unwanted and expired drugs in a clear plastic bag.
Medications in blister packs and forms of liquid and cream medications can also be included in the plastic bag.

4) Drop off your unwanted prescription and over-the-counter medications at all London Drugs. These medications will be safely incinerated, preventing them from being abused, entering landfills or the sewer system. London Drugs also recycles medication bottles, lids and medication vials. Please be sure to remove personal information by taking off the label.

5) You can bring your medications to the pharmacy year round.
Unwanted and expired drugs are accepted every day at any London Drugs at every location. Instead of flushing pills or throwing medical sharps in the garbage, bring them to the pharmacy for safe disposal. Approved sharps containers can also be purchased to dispose of medical sharps.


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