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ATS Celebrates 40 Years in Business

ATS Logo

ATS Slogan - Clean Water Solutions

ATS Slogan

In 1979, armed with water treatment chemicals, ATS was born. The company has expanded and innovated to meet customer's needs when and where they start.

ATS’s ultimate goal is to provide clean water, the best access to food supplies, and safety for people worldwide.”
— Richard Allred
MIDVALE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2019 / -- ATS (Alpine Technical Services) announces its celebration of 40 years in business. Robert Allred, the former CEO of ATS, began operations in 1979 selling water treatment chemicals out of a pea-green 1970 Chevy station wagon. His desire was to provide the level of service the client needed and deserved and to have the freedom to take on special projects as needed by clients. Since then, ATS has been a force for good in water treatment, also offering safety showers and shower accessories for on-site workers.

The original ATS logo reflected the range of Robert’s work experiences, which provided both chemical and construction skills and a willingness to take on new challenges. The block letters represented a water treatment and process improvement company and the sugar company Amalgamated, both of which he worked for and gained much experience in the field. The three waves characterized Olin, an American manufacturer of ammunition, chlorine, and sodium hydroxide. The waves also referred to his time in the Navy in which he served as a Research Chemist.

Allred retired in 2012, and his son Richard purchased the company in May of the same year. Having worked in the business since 1995, Richard’s first roles were as a shop-hand and service technician. He then worked his way up while doing night school. He had all the knowledge and training and knew the ins and outs of the company from the ground up. Robert was a chemist, and Richard studied international business and marketing, earning his MBA. When Richard took over the company, Robert continued to work on pure water treatment, targeting municipalities and industrial clients.

The first large contract Richard signed was with the Hill Air Force Base in northern Utah for RO-EDI (Reverse Osmosis Electrodeionization) in 2012, which saw completion in 2013. He decided to start distributing and then selling safety showers in 2016, and over the last few years, he developed his own line of products. With another big push in 2018, he signed with Anadarko, a premier E&P company.

ATS chose the slogan, "Stewards of Humanity" for their corporate slogan, with “Improving LIFE, One Drop at a Time” trademarked in 2018 for ATS Innova, the water division of the company.

Moving forward, the vision for ATS is to expand heavily into agricultural treatment, which involves nutrients, algaecide, drip lines, and descaling. For larger farms, ATS Innova is running tests on soybeans in 15 fields in Brazil, with tests on coffee plantations planned next. Over the next 18 months, ATS will be expanding heavily into Brazil and other parts of the U.S. and Chile, truly becoming Stewards of Humanity.

On the safety shower side, ATS ShieldSafe expanded their selection of rental showers with trailers and is adding decontaminating showers for the treatment of those exposed to chemical attacks. ATS ShieldSafe recently signed a General Services Administration (GSA) contract for mobile and tank-fed safety showers and is currently developing its fleet of rental equipment and lines of water treatment for the procurement construction companies it supports.

ATS’s ultimate goal is to provide clean water, the best access to food supplies, and safety for people worldwide and will see expansion into areas including Uruguay and Saudi Arabia, with additional plans for China and India.

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