YouTube Videos "GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE" Spreads Buzz on Haunting Book Cover Art on John Griswald's Romantic Thriller



Four YouTube trailer videos and haunting book cover art spread buzz about John Griswald's romantic tragedy GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE to Amazon novel buyers.

Youtube vintage videos lends an authentic touch to John Griswald's gripping war novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE and a haunting book cover that places it in a class all by itself.”
— Stan Zipperman
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 19, 2019 / -- Four YouTube vintage Videos are helping John Griswald's hard-hitting epic love and war novel GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE to become a world-wide best-selling book and helping to make a movie deal for an adventurous breath-taking blockbuster motion picture set in Paris in the tradition of the beloved classic suspenseful thriller CASABLANCA from World War II which starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

The four YouTube GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE trailer videos were composed from actual World War II American and German official filmed footage and the soundtrack is from "La Vie en Rose" composed by celebrated French singer and patriot Edith Piaf. There's a certain amount of what is called in French "Je ne sais quoi" which means "I don't know what" to describe the feelings experienced from viewing these authentic and entertaining short wartime documentaries.

All this leads to the spellbinding experience of being in the fabled city of Paris during wartime in the 1940's. Author John Griswald tries to capture the intriguing events and experiences during the Second World War when no one knew what surprises and dangers were lurking in the dark and what would happen next or where they were going to happen. The thrilling story of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE keeps its focus on two star-crossed lovers which finds its source way back to William Shakespeare's original romantic tragedy ROMEO AND JULIET which was set in Verona, Italy centuries ago. GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE has already been named as "this generation's ROMEO AND JULIET." New readers are experiencing the extraordinary novel first hand and are led to fall in love with Aimee Ange and Christian Gavin as the story's thrilling suspense and dangerous intrigue unfolds in wartime Paris.

Love stories taking place during the Second World War have taken Hollywood "literally by storm" over the years. Many films are still well received years and years after their original screenplays were made into mesmerizing films for world-wide audiences. We've mentioned Casablanca? Who can forget that special romance and danger of Casablanca? But what about the hart-hitting realism in From Here to Eternity, the chilling suspense and intrigue of The Manchurian Candidate or the shocking scenes in Schindler's List? Who can forget the action/adventure of Raiders of the Lost Ark? How about the mysterious and playful Charade or the gripping suspense of Saving Private Ryan? The lists go on and on into cinematic history.

The haunting book cover art of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE by Brazilian artist Ricardo Movits has the literary world talking about how beautiful and meaningful the artistic description is in highlighting an important turning point in the novel as it is portrayed by three main characters in the book's major conflict. The setting inside a surreal chamber of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris is perfectly eerie and captures the mystical essence of the maddening scene which is an electrifying nightmare sequence by one of the lovers.

To bring you up-to-date on news relating to GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE, as of July 16, the New York Times provided an extensive news story on the latest developments on the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire that caught the world off guard this April. In short, a new employee on the job for only three days from the security team that protected the church did see a clicking light indicating a "fire" on its elaborate security panel. He didn't know how to find out exactly where the fire was, however. After some lost time, he finally found out where it was, but by the time he arrived at the exact location, the fire was in the heavily wood section of the cathedral and out of control.

The only way to save the church now was to bring a water hose to the top of one of two towers. Some fire crews backed out but others were inspired to go 300 steps up to the top where the fire was out-of-control. It was believed that if the tower collapsed, the other tower would also collapse and that would spell the complete destruction of Notre-Dame. Firefighters lives were also at stake. At the last minutes, they got the fire under control and Notre-Dame was saved along with the lives of the firefighters. Everyone involved called it a "miracle" with tears in their eyes. However, we are not out of the woods yet.

A noted French architect warned that bad weather conditions could still cause one of the towers to collapse. The fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral is still considered the top news story of the year.

As we mentioned earlier, GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE has been called "this generation's ROMEO AND JULIET, written by William Shakespeare." The play, performed all over the world to this day, has three main characters involved in the conflict. GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE also has three main characters involved in the plot. Both books have two ill-fated lovers and a clergyman who push the lovers to their breath-taking fates. The debate is beginning to center around of which story is the most tragic. Both priests in the conflicts performed as they saw fit, whose exact motivations will never be completely known. The readers must decide for themselves.

One of these days in the near future, perhaps the New York Times Best Sellers List will discover GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE. Meanwhile, people can still order a copy of the gripping novel at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booksamillion, and Ebay

The author of GIRL FROM RUE SERPENTE John Griswald has created the Goodwill Citizen Award for worthy world citizens who have provided "Spiritual" awareness in their work. This year Griswald has named "Descapito" singers Luis Fonis and Daddy Yankee, the two singers. "Descapito" is the most viewed video on YouTube ever. In addition, last month Amazon's Jeff Bezos was named the recipient of the Girl From Rue Serpente's Goodwill Citizen Award.

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