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ATS Declares EarthTec® Trials Successful in Northern California

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Pilot study conducted in two northern California water treatment plants prove successful with EarthTec®.

Bottom line is we don’t have any unhappy EarthTec customers. Those who use it see compounding benefits across the entire plant”
— Robert Noble
MIDVALE, UT, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2019 / -- ATS Innova, a strategic leader of advanced water treatment solutions, announces the results of using EarthTec, a specialized water treatment product, in two northern California water treatment plants.

Beginning in September 2017 and again in spring 2018, ATS Innova treated two northern California water treatment plants using EarthTec in order to test efficacy toward reducing algae and taste and odor events. The reports submitted to the State of California indicated highly favorable results. The reported data showed that EarthTec delivered between 71 percent and 91 percent reduction of geosmin, which is related to taste and odor events. Reported reduction of phytoplankton was an impressive 77 percent and 96 percent removal for blue-green algae, diatoms, and green algae.

Given the primary active ingredient in EarthTec is cupric copper ions, the plants closely monitored copper residual to measure compliance risk associated with established Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL) for copper, which is currently 1.0 PPM. Throughout the trials, EarthTec remained 95 percent below the MCL level.

Robert Noble, a regional manager at ATS Innova said, “We’ve been trying to help the market understand there is an environmentally responsible way to treat cyanobacteria and algae though next-generation copper with a unique molecule such as what EarthTec delivers. The proprietary EarthTec® molecules are what makes it consistently outperform all other copper-based products.” He added ATS Innova has experienced success with a multitude of plants across the country on a wide variety of water treatment systems.

Noble remarked most plants see a positive ripple effect across their plants once EarthTec is introduced into their treatment process. “Bottom line is we don’t have any unhappy EarthTec customers. Those who use it see compounding benefits across the entire plant,” Noble concluded.

One water treatment supervisor involved in the pilot study said, “We were approached by Robert who was working with several other California water districts. We take taste and odor complaints from our customers very seriously. Pilot testing for us is a data-driven, empirical process involving continuous monitoring, reporting, and teamwork with our lab. We were pleased with the results and we have virtually eliminated all taste and odor complaint calls, and it also made our plant run more efficiently overall.” Because of the pilot study’s success, EarthTec is being expanded to a third plant in the area.

Kirk Langston, the executive vice president of sales at ATS, said “The real story here is the plant management teams involved in trialing EarthTec at their plants. So many plants are pressured into adopting cheap, low-performance chemicals, ignorantly thinking it is saving them money. The plant managers in this project are a great example of understanding it is more about the total cost-of-use than it is about cost-per-pound or cost-per-gallon when selecting which chemicals to standardize on.”

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