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Pathways Bioscience Announces Peer-Reviewed Publication of Research Utilizing Nrf2-Activation Effects of PB125

Treatment of cells expressing the HIV-Tat protein with Pathways Nrf2 activator PB125 activated the Nrf2 transcription factor

AURORA, CO, USA, July 9, 2019 / -- Pathways Bioscience LLC, a biomedical sciences company focused on discovering and developing small molecule drugs and dietary supplements that act on gene transcription pathways, and the provider of the Nrf2 activating dietary supplements PB123 and PB125® announces the recent peer-reviewed publication of a scientific paper entitled “Repression of Nrf2/ARE regulated antioxidant genes and dysregulation of the cellular redox environment by the HIV Transactivator of Transcription” in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

“This publication describes a collaborative study carried out in Dr. Adela Cota-Gomez’s laboratory at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Patients treated with anti-retroviral therapy to control HIV infection can develop cardiovascular complications over time, by a mechanism that may involve the HIV-Tat protein and the Nrf2 pathway. In HeLa cells transfected to make the Tat protein, Nrf2 activation was increased compared to regular HeLa cells, and treatment with the Pathways Bioscience Nrf2 activator PB125 further activated the Nrf2 pathway over 2-times more,” noted Dr. Joe McCord, the scientific leader and co-founder of Pathways Bioscience.

“There is great interest around the world in the benefits that Nrf2 activation may have for health, wellness, and aging,” said Dr. Brooks Hybertson, President/CEO and co-founder of Pathways Bioscience, “and we were honored to have an opportunity to contribute to this new publication from Dr. Cota-Gomez’s laboratory. We are especially intrigued by the way this new work addresses the possible involvement of Tat in the pro-oxidant and pro-inflammatory aspects of chronic HIV infection, and the potentially beneficial role of the Nrf2 pathway.”

About Pathways Bioscience
Pathways Bioscience LLC is a biomedical sciences company focused on discovering and developing new agents, both small molecule drugs and dietary supplements, that influence gene expression pathways and exert beneficial effects, with particular emphasis on the Nuclear Factor, Erythroid 2 Like 2 (NFE2L2, or Nrf2) gene transcription factor, known as the master regulator of cell protection mechanisms. These activities are based on the concept that the best way to improve healthspan and overcome the health and wellness problems associated with aging is to support the body’s own defense mechanisms that allow it to normalize, protect, and heal itself. The company's headquarters are in Aurora, Colorado. Pathways Bioscience has developed the PB123 and PB125 dietary supplement formulations using Nrf2.0® Technology. PB123 is currently available in Latin America through a partnership with Activz LLC in their GNM-X product and PB125 is currently available in the US directly from Pathways Bioscience on the Company’s Website at


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