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The return on your new trailer wrap

Slicks Graphics Inc

wrapping trailers throughout New Jersey

Slicks Graphics recently competed a survey with their larger trailer wrap customers that run more than a dozen wrapped trailers for marketing results.

Trailer wraps are the easiest way to grow your business!”
— Slicks Graphics, Inc.

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2019 / -- We recently asked a few of our larger trailer wrap customers that own and operate more than a dozen 53’ tractor trailers that we at Slicks Graphics have personally designed and wrapped, how their trailer wraps are performing from a marketing stand point. I know there are a lot of people that claim thousands of daily impressions, and just lie billboards, there are just so many people cheering out your advertisement…but in reality, ever wonder how many of those impressions were even remotely interested in your product? How much is your impression even worth?

The first thing you need to consider is the value of a hot lead. In other words, if you are a kitchen and bath specialist, how much is one bathroom remodeling job worth? We asked and found between $10,000-$20,000 for a loaded bathroom. This considered, if you get a trailer wrapped for not even half of the cost of this job you are selling with the help of this advertisement promoting your business like crazy, then the math is simply in your favor to purchase a new trailer wrap. The greater reality in the home remodeling topic is general contractors usually don't have 53’ tractor trailers to even get wrapped. In this case, we would usually be looking at a 12’-24’ trailer wrap which would bring your cost average down to less than 20 percent of the job you could sell in the first six months to a year alone to give you a quick example of a potential return on your investment.

All things considered, this doesn't just mean that once your trailer is wrapped you will blast your marketing to the next level and sell more jobs than ever. You also need to make sure you pick a wrap company that can build you a design that sells. This design must be so catchy, creative and bold that your potential customers can't resist the opportunity to call you for an estimate. Circling back to our survey with our trailer wrap fleets, many have said they get an average of 3-5 calls per week alone just asking about the services that company promotes through their trailer wrap, or to simply compliment on our awesome trailer wrap designs.

In conclusion, if you have trailers or other vehicles in your fleet and are not promoting your products and services through vehicle wraps, you are really missing out on an opportunity to grow your business. In final comparison to the average job you sell, the wrap is only a fraction of the cost for just one of your jobs alone, and the wrap lasts an average of 3-5 years. The benefit is clearly in the wraps favor. Contact us at Slicks Graphics today for any questions or concerns you may have on this topic.

If you are looking to purchase a trailer wrap in New Jersey, or virtually anywhere across the United States, than give us a call today at 215-736-8000 for a free no obligation estimate or visit us on the web at for more information.

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