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Off The Top: Royalties Investing in and Financing of Businesses

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Off the top -- a new book by Arthur Lipper and Don Boroain

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Arthur Lipper, advisor on revenue royalties

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Don Boroian, advisor on franchising

A New Book About the Growth and Benefits of Franchising now available from Amazon

DEL MAR, CA, USA, June 26, 2019 / -- In their new soft-cover, concentrated book, Off The Top, two of the world’s leading experts in franchising and the use of royalties disclose how and why being paid “Off The Top” is the financing approach for business franchisors, franchisees, and investors. Royalty investors buy a percentage of a business’s revenues and businesses owners keep all of their ownership.

Today, Arthur Lipper, Chairman of British Far East Holdings Ltd. and Don Boroian, Chairman of Francorp announce the publication of their co-authored book, “Off The Top," which is available exclusively at,

Off The Top describes the advantages for both income seeking investors and those involved in the marketing and use of brand names and intellectual property proven, by the developer, to be successful in creating businesses.

Franchising is the use of a brand name and intellectual property of the franchisor by the franchisee. Francorp is the largest of the franchise consulting firms, having served more than 10,000 companies. Franchisees pay franchisors a percentage of their revenues, a royalty.

Arthur Lipper’s firm has developed and patented a range of revenue sharing royalty approaches for investors to use in the financing of both franchisors and franchisees.

In Off The Top, Boroian and Lipper, both recognized experts in franchising and royalties, provide insights and details helping both investors and those in or thinking about franchising their businesses.
It is a condensed, quick and important read for those interested in profiting “Off The Top." It’s all about how investors can make more money while taking less risk and business owners can get financing without losing full ownership of their businesses, while having the additional working capital to make the business worth more. Available exclusively at,

Contact: Arthur Lipper, 858-793-7100; and
Don Boroaian, Francorp: 708-481-2900;

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