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Jacob Hefetz: Family, Holocaust and the Jewish Community

Bamidbar Chabad Sephardic Synagogue Image

Jacob Hefetz at  Bamidbar Chabad Sephardic Synagogue

Jacob Hefetz at Bamidbar Chabad Sephardic Synagogue

Bamidbar Chabad Sephardic Synagogue

He Lost His Brother and Sister to the Holocaust. Now This Business Man is Focused on Family and Giving Back to the Jewish Community.

LAS VEGAS, NV, US, June 18, 2019 / -- In Eastern Vegas, there sits a small Jewish community centered around a Synagogue. The Or Bamidbar Chabad Sephardic Synagogue is the pride of Jacob Hefetz, one of the seven men who built the community and temple 20 years ago.

For Jacob, the temple is a place for family, tradition, faith, and strengthening the bonds of the community he helped build.

To date, the church and Jacob have served over 2,000 families, and donated hundreds of thousands to help those in need. Jacob considers his charitable work as a way to honor his late mother and father. Immortalizing their legacy is important to Jacob. That’s why when the church was built, he signed not his own name, but the names of his mother and father on a sign that hangs in the temple. During our interview he tells me, “When my friends were signing their names, I did not put my own, I put the names of my parents”. Jacob even named the street that his house is on after his father.

A humble man, Jacob cares little about talking about himself. In fact, it was difficult to get him to answer questions about his success because somehow the conversation always goes back to his family. A proud father, and now a grandfather, Jacob tells me, “I have two grandsons and in the first week of June I am getting a third. I was supposed to leave on a trip in the end of May, but my daughter told met that she would not give birth until the first week of June, so I changed my flight.”

Growing up with so many siblings, he has always been surrounded by the love of his family. He has an even bigger family now. In fact, He has sixty of them, a statement that he is very proud of. “You come to one of my family dinners and you’ll see what a family man I am” he says to me. His annual family dinner is no small affair. Each year he organizes a family dinner for “close relatives”, all sixty of them.

After losing a brother and a sister during the Holocaust, it is no surprise to me why Jacob clings heavily to family. He understands better than most how fragile our time can be. Growing up in Israel at the end of World War II, Jacob grew up very poor. Having fled Germany during the height of the Nazi Regime, his mother and father had little to start a new life with. Still they managed to purchase a farm where they raised Jacob and his nine siblings.

Growing up in a very poor neighborhood, Jacob has seen his community suffer. That’s one of the reasons he donates to the poor and the surrounding communities. “I am a big donator.” He says. “I donate lots of money…and we help those who are also not Jewish”.

Community, faith, tradition, and giving back are all extremely important values to Jacob Hefetz. This business man may be at the height of his career, but there is one thing that is clear about Jacob, he would’t be the determined man he is today without the desire to provide for his family and community.

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Jacob Hefetz Giving Back To Las Vegas