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Phaze Concrete Explains the Differences in Tilt Up Construction and Multilevel Structures

Phaze Concrete shares their knowledge and experience about the difference and possibilities of tilt up construction and multilevel structures.

CEDAR CITY, UTAH, USA, May 28, 2019 / -- There is far more to building structures then many people realize. Sure, there is wood, concrete, nails and other various building materials. Yet, there is also a great deal of skill, technique and precision that cannot be readily or learned. At least, such concepts and even the results cannot be shown and practiced with like the use of tangible materials. The difference between Tilt Up Construction and Multilevel Structures is a common example of this.

Phaze Concrete is well-versed in the details and practice of both building methods. Therefore, the company is pleased to provide information about their services and the methods behind their services. This company wants clients to know exactly what they are getting into before embarking on a construction project.

Tilt Up Construction

Tilt Up Construction is done by building the components of a structure off-site and bringing the structure to the site. Once the structure is ready to be erected, the foundation is poured on-site. Afterward, the pre-constructed walls of the building are “tilted up” to fit into their place in the foundation. This method started to be popular decades ago and continues to hold merit within the construction community. Here are the details that are prevalent to the consumer:


There are a few key reasons that both construction companies and clients opt for the Tilt Up Construction method. Here are a few of the most popular pros to this technique:

Cost effective

Eco-Friendly (compared to other methods)




Here are a few of the cons, which have become more widely recognized with construction advancement:

Customization is difficult to achieve

Revolutionary and intricate structures are hard to create with tilt up construction

The terrain can make tilt up construction impossible (or extremely difficult)

Multilevel Structures

Multilevel Structures are usually what most clients think of when they consider creating a commercial structure. While either method is no-less brick and mortar than its counter option, this is the more traditional method of construction. Here are a few specifics for clients to consider when contemplating construction projects that use the multilevel structure method.


There is a lot of merit to multilevel structures as well. Here are the specific pros that keep the method of multilevel structures contending within the construction market:

Versatile and customizable

Encourages innovation and personality

Intricacies and special previsions can be met with multilevel structures


It can often be difficult to decide which type of construction is best for a client’s budget, need, and timeframe. Here are a few cons that could be the deciding factor in deciding the right method for a specific project:

Construction is time consuming

Multilevel structures can be costly

Inclement weather and other outdoor factors impact construction daily

To close, Phaze Concrete wants potential clients to be educated about their building decisions. Even when hiring a professional, the experience is always easier when the client understands what they are getting themselves into. Construction of any kind is always a process and it is important that people do not take that process lightly. That is why Phaze Concrete does whatever they can to be as informative about their services as possible. This is simply another way Phaze Concrete shows its transparency and attentiveness to the needs of their clients.

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