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Phaze Concrete Gives Tips for Maintaining Your Home’s Foundation

Phaze Concrete helps people preserve their foundation with these helpful tips.

CEDAR CITY, UTAH, USA, May 13, 2019 / -- The foundation of any home is essential to successful preservation of the rest of the structure. Your home’s foundation is the tangible bedrock of your entire life. Your home is likely one of your biggest investments, but it is also a structure where your family resides. Therefore, structural integrity of the home should be a top priority; financially and to ensure your sense of personal security.

Phaze Concrete understands this wholeheartedly. They are invested in the safety and financial security that comes with a healthy foundation. Thus, Phaze Concrete wants to do whatever it can to help people preserve their residential groundwork. Here are Phaze Concrete’s tips for maintaining your home’s foundation:

Keep an Eye Out for Invaders

Surprisingly, despite being secured in the ground and made of concrete, there are many constant threats to a foundation’s integrity. Invaders can come from many different places and can hastily become a big problem, if not discovered in time. Tree roots and insects are among the most common invaders and should always be taken seriously. Always keep an eye out for signs of an invasion. If there are any noticeable signs the problem should be eradicated immediately.

Cure all Your Cracks

Cracks in a home, or in the foundation can lead to many serious problems. It is important that all cracks, bulges and all structural abnormalities are taken care of quickly. Even seemingly small blemishes in the home’s integrity can eventually cause a major issue. Thankfully, if the crack is small, it can be repaired easily and without a costly investment. Unfortunately, the same cannot be guaranteed if this problem is left to fester.

Water Worries

Water is a main factor in the breakdown in most materials. Concrete, for as tough as it seems, is in fact, extremely susceptible to water. If concrete is not treated properly, it absorbs water from the ground. This threatens the integrity of the foundation eventually. However, even more pressing, is that water can seep through the foundation walls. If that happens, it will age the home’s integrity in a surprisingly short period of time.

That is why the location of a home and even the landscaping layout is crucial. Leaks or pooling of water, from anywhere, is a major hazard for the home. The repeated and especially prolonged presence of water is detrimental to a foundation. That is why it is always vital to never allow any water to remain close to your foundation. When it comes to building location, a house at the bottom of a hill is going to get everyone else’s runoff. In terms of landscaping, even flowerbeds that are too close to the foundation will lead to unwanted pooling of water.

In summation, Phaze Concrete is pleased to offer these tips for maintaining your home’s foundation. Even though these tips do not involve difficult tasks, they are essential for the preservation of a foundation. Phaze Concrete wants everyone to have the tools to maintain a home’s structural integrity, to the best of their ability.

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