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Phaze Concrete Debunks 5 Common Construction Misconceptions

Construction work has developed many misconceptions and Phaze Concrete wishes to expose the truth, to set the record straight.

CEDAR CITY, UTAH, USA, April 12, 2019 / -- Every industry has their myths, legends, and misconceptions. Many misconceptions are irrelevant when it comes to the day to day conception of the industry. Yet, there are a few different construction misconceptions that affect the integrity of the industry.

Phaze Concrete is a company that wishes to keep the industry booming, welcoming one; that clients are educated about. To this company and many other hard-working construction workers, this transparency helps keep standards high and clients happy. Therefore, Phaze Concrete has decided to publicly debunk five of the most common construction misconceptions.

1. Construction is Unskilled Labor

Construction is a lot of things. People get dirty, workers get to work with their hands, and often, the weather affects the ability to work. However, one thing that people who work construction jobs are not unskilled. It takes a great amount of education, skill, and dedication to be successful in construction. A common misconception is that people can walk on a job site and get to work, without any experience. This simply is not true.
People trust construction workers with their homes, offices, and infrastructure. There is a lot of precision, skill, and education that goes into conducting that job safely and correctly. Be extremely weary of anyone that tells you differently.

2. Safety is Ignored on the Job Site

There are many safety concerns that arise throughout the realm of the construction industry. Heights, heavy machinery, and power tools are only the beginning of the safety issues that are faced every day. These issues, as well as many others are ALWAYS in the forefront of a construction worker’s mind. From utilizing safety equipment to ensure the structure they are building will remain safe is paramount. Safety and accountability are the main reason people hire well-respected construction companies. They are professionals that know how to make the project safe and secure for as long as it stands.

3. The Environment is in Peril Because of Construction

The past few decades has made the construction field much more environmentally friendly. Now, with the push for green building, without construction companies, there would not be any environmentally friendly buildings. Construction companies now work closely with environmental agencies to ensure the safety and longevity of the environment.
New structures need to be built. If people stopped building, our lifestyle would collapse. Thus, the best way to propagate environmentally friendly buildings is to ensure educated, established construction companies are building them.

4. ‘Green’ Buildings are a Publicity Stunt

Even with all the work environmentalists committees and the construction industry has put into creating environmentally-friendly projects, people are doubtful. The construction industry is serious about helping sustain the environment and the industry works hard to ensure its compliance. This is our world too and we want to help construct the future, not destroy it.

5. Women Are Unwelcome

The reality is, the construction industry needs skilled workers. Whether those workers are men or women is completely irrelevant. While construction is stereotypically a men’s field, there are plenty of items on this list that negate other common stereotypes. Gender is not a factor in determining the qualification for hiring construction workers, for any position. The only qualifying factors have to do with education, skill, and adherence to safety concerns, which are also gender-neutral.

In summation, Phaze Concrete is an honest, transparent company that does their best to please their customers. Phaze Concrete s proud of their business and their industry. Therefore, the company does its best to impart their knowledge and experience to their customers. Remember that these five construction misconceptions have officially been debunked by an official industry professional, Phaze Concrete.

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