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Recent Regulatory Changes in HVAC by Wortman Central Air

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The HVAC industry is a vast market and is currently valued at $181b as of 2018. Fast technological advancement, has set the market to hit $252.60b by 2023.

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TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2019 / -- Tulsa, Oklahoma: Wortman Central Air. The HVAC and plumbing sector has come a long way since the days of the Roman Empire and Greek city-states. One of the earliest types of heating was known as a hypocaust, which was a large furnace placed in a basement with many small channels that would distribute the heat. Creepy, right?

We've made a fair few advancements since those days, the birth of modern plumbing came after the invention of the plastic push-fit pipes back in the 1970s. This invention drastically cut plumbing installation costs as well as the time it took to install an effective plumbing system.

Recent Regulatory Changes in HVAC

The HVAC industry is a vast market and is currently valued at $181 billion as of 2018. Yet, with fast technological advancement, the market is set to grow to an enormous $252.60 billion by 2023.

There have been two regulatory changes since 2018 which will significantly change the HVAC industry, the first being the 2018 refrigerant regulations, the U.S and Canada are going to be slowly phasing out hydrofluorocarbons as refrigerants.

The way they're going to be doing this is by limiting the sale of the HFCs to just certified reclaimers and implementing more strict measures for technicians. Technicians will need to pass a certified exam which allows them to work with the substances; as well as making it mandatory for them to keep records of any disposal of equipment that stores anything more than four pounds of refrigerant.

So what will replace HFCs? The EPA has recently legalized the use of three alternative substances in household HVAC appliances. These include hydrocarbon propane, isobutane and a hydrocarbon chemical blend known as R-441A. The regulatory change will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 600,000 metric tons by next year.

Another regulatory milestone is the recently developed Energy Conservation Standards which are set to decrease current energy consumption by 10 percent. The standards will see the change in how manufacturers will calculate their Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) by adding the weight of the appliance into the calculation, this will be known as an Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER). This new ratio will offer more transparency in the overall efficiency of the product.

Promising HVAC Trends

As you can see, there have been recent changes in the regulations in terms of HVAC standards. However, there have been just as many advancements in the technological side of HVAC. In the following section, we'll discuss the various trends that are becoming more popular and increasingly promising in terms of market valuation and overall customer sales.

One area that is becoming more popular in this digital age is the monitoring of your systems through the use of an app. Companies are now slowly transitioning from digital displays on their HVAC devices and making that information and more to be accessible from the comfort of a mobile app.

This trend will only continue to grow as long as people consider convenience as their number one priority. The appliance will be able to communicate information like historical performance, current efficiency, and information. If there's a problem, the device will monitor and report the issue straight to your smartphone.

Another trend that is somewhat similar is the rising implementation of self-regulatory or automated systems.
Customers will soon rely solely on their own devices to use smart sensors and automation to regulate the temperature or humidity of the surrounding environment to suit their owner; this technology can already be seen in 'smart' homes.

Improvements To Home Plumbing

Just like HVAC, plumbing is a huge industry with plenty of changes taking place, although it might not have the same level of regulatory changes, the design, and possibilities of your plumbing system will change yearly.

The priorities of both sectors are identical; convenience, comfort, and efficiency are what consumers are looking to buy with their plumbing systems. The following section will discuss these various improvements that people are looking to make to their home plumbing.

Convenience and efficiency are both keys to having a successful product, many manufacturers and designers are turning to ideas like touchless faucets which will turn on or off with thanks to smart sensors that only rely on the smallest of touch to operate. In recent years, motion activated systems have become more popular and widely used in public and home bathrooms.

You'll also come across dual flushing systems and easily adjustable water pressure settings. The dual flushing systems will offer two options, one with a larger volume of water and the other with a lower volume, this will help customers save on water and increases overall efficiency.

The same goes for the adjustable water pressure settings; customers will have the option of choosing the intensity of their shower which can vary from a soft, rainfall like sensation or stronger blast of water. An area that plumbing companies are concentrating on more is the overall efficiency of commercial plumbing fixtures in commercial buildings.

Restrooms in office buildings and other commercial buildings consume more than half of the total water usage, the solution to significantly decreasing overall water consumption would be to install more efficient systems in corporate restrooms.

Many states that suffer from a higher risk of drought have regulations in place to ensure that water consumption is kept to a complete minimum and plumbing companies need are required to keep to a standard.

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