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Metadichol® Offers Important Breakthrough and hope in Treatment of Tuberculosis.

Metadichol®, a Nano emulsion of food-based ingredient, created by Nanorx Inc., could lead to its in prevention and treatment of tuberculosis.

CHAPPAQUA, NEW YORK, USA, May 11, 2019 / -- Metadichol® Offers Important Breakthrough and hope in Treatment of Tuberculosis.

Research shows that Metadichol® has the potential to inhibit MDR-TB and XDR-TB.

NEW YORK – Metadichol®, a Nano emulsion of food-based ingredient, created by Nanorx Inc., has shown results, that could lead to its in prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB). Recent in-vitro studies, conducted in the US and India, show that the Metadichol® inhibits TB strains, H37Rv, MDR (multiple drug resistant) and XDR (extensively drug-resistant).

The founder of Nanorx Inc., Dr. P. R. Raghavan, will present the research results at an upcoming International conference on infectious diseases.

"The recent research on Metadichol's effect on tuberculosis is promising," said Dr. P.R. Raghavan, Chairman of Nanorx Inc. "Metadichol® has been known to enhance the innate immune response, but this work shows it also has an inhibitory effect on the various forms of TB. Because Metadichol® is made with natural ingredients and has no toxic effects, it can be safely tested humans for its prevention and treatment of many infectious diseases." Plans are underway to test it in humans to evaluate its effectiveness as an immune booster in TB prevention and treatment.

Tuberculosis (TB) continues to pose a significant global infectious disease threat. Worldwide, 9 million new cases and 1.6 million deaths were reported in 2017. Currently, drug resistant strains, MDR TB. and XDR TB are the emerging threats to the success of the anti-TB programs that are in place globally.

Bacteria and viruses and other microbes have evolved and survived by binding to VDR (Vit D Receptor) and curtailing its functions. which is responsible for the maintenance of innate immunity. This allows them to infect humans and multiply using the body’s machinery. Metadichol® competitively displaces the bacteria that are attached to the VDRs and allows normal functioning of innate immunity. TB strikes when one’s immune system is compromised and strengthening the immune system through use of Metadichol® is thus an attractive approach.

Tuberculosis is the leading attributable cause of death. in individuals infected with HIV, and a primary cause of death in women of reproductive age worldwide. Since concurrent infection with HIV weakens the immune system, people with HIV are much more likely to develop TB. MDR-TB strains are resistant to the first-line anti-TB treatment, consisting of Isoniazid and Rifampicin, and may also be resistant to the second-line anti-TB treatment. In Dec 2012, US FDA granted its first TB drug approval for 40 years, to Bedaquiline. However, Bedaquiline, approved to treat drug resistant TB, has been recommended for limited use as of now. The current anti-TB treatments are cumbersome, expensive and toxic. Because of this, compliance often becomes an issue, especially in developing countries, adding to Drug resistance.

Metadichol® could offer a quicker solution to fight the disease that is non-toxic and effective. The positive results with Metadichol® on all forms of TB, could lead to the first known nutraceutical use, in prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, at this critical time. Metadichol® which is already commercially available as an immune booster, will fulfil the immediate need for a safe and affordable solution, to fight TB worldwide. Globally, countries like India for example, where 28 million new cases are detected every year, and with a burden of 100,000 cases of drug resistant TB, Metadichol® may be of greatest benefit.

Metadichol® is produced by a patented nanotechnology process, that creates an absorbable Nano-emulsion of long-chain alcohols, from policosanol, found in a variety of foods like peanuts, sugar cane, rice, and wheat.

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About Nanorx Inc.:
A New York-based company, Nanorx Inc. was founded in 2008 by Dr. Palayakotai R. Raghavan after spending more than 25 years on drug discovery with various institutions. His invention Metadichol®, a plant-based Nano-emulsion, is a breakthrough in the treatment for many ailments including diabetes and tuberculosis while improving the immune system and maintaining health. The company has obtained U.S. Patents for the Metadichol® and has been granted patents worldwide. Visit and to view the company's products.

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