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Live Dashboards dominate all decisions today in HealthCare. WiCis I-Streme Data shown live from Everest North Base Camp

Continuous SPO2 from Everest

Continuous SPO2 from Everest



Telehealth technology leader WiCis allows patients to share in real time their vital signs to any internet connected device with only a 1-2 second delay.

Our goal is to deliver the best medical outcomes through innovation, while treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy from anywhere.”
— From Leo Montejo MD, WiCis CEO and Founder
LAKE TAHOE, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2019 / -- The #EverestFlash19 team is set to reach the summit in mid-May. Led by Lukas Furthenbach, the group is accompanied by porters and Sherpas from Nepal and Tibet. One of the most remote places on Earth, Mount Everest is the highest and arguably the world’s most intimidating mountain. Leo Montejo MD, WiCis CEO, is also the expedition’s doctor. On Mount Everest North (Tibet) there is no simple evacuation if a climber gets sick or is injured. The nearest major medical facility from base camp could be up one day away. Measuring vital signs and delivering the best outcomes and highest quality service from anywhere is the key. WiCis is bringing not only a doctor and Telehealth equipment to Advanced Base Camp (21,000 feet) and the North Col (>23,000 feet) to manage or treat climbers or sherpas if needed, but is also sharing live dashboards with a team of doctors and nurses in California.

The WiCis I-Streme Monitor sensors are continuously streaming live data. Today a Sherpa returned to base camp seemingly shaken, and Dr. Montejo streamed live his EKG waveforms, heart rate, oxygen saturation, SpO2 waveforms, skin temperature, blood pressure and shared all this with a team in California, all to a live WiCis CareFlows dashboard running in the MS Azure cloud. Live Dashboards dominate all decisions today in HealthCare and WiCis is a leader in real time medical information. Data was streamed to the WiCis Telehealth Platform using Thuraya Sat-Sleeve+, and it was available within one to two seconds later on any internet-enabled device in the planet. The WICis solution can stream medical data with ease using 3g, Wi-Fi, or satellite. A team of caregivers will keep track of the party’s progress from California. Access to the dashboard is open to everyone:

Remote monitoring will reduce costs for healthcare and will allow more patients’ access to remote medical support and in real time. WiCis is unique in that its all-in-one digital and mobile interactive Telehealth platform combines Live customizable Workflows, Video-Conferencing and Dashboards which display Live Data. In short the WiCis solution replaces the doctor visit by combining visual contact (video-conferencing) the medical record (Careflows), and the live vital signs the doctor would observe from a monitor connected to the patient. WiCis offers therefore a collaborative solution that brings the power of this three-tiered approach to healthcare going well beyond video-conferencing.

From Dr. Montejo, WiCis CEO and Founder: “Our goal is to deliver the best medical outcomes through innovation, while treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy from anywhere, and extending Telemedicine well beyond video-conferencing, which is only a partial solution. ”

Proving the Limits to Expand the Reach of TeleHealth

About WiCis: and

Founded in 2011 by Harvard and Stanford anesthesiologist Dr. Leo Montejo (also founder of Picis), and in the Lake Tahoe area, the company’s goal is to promote the use of mHealth and TeleHealth beyond video-conferencing and without barriers.

About Dr Leo Montejo
Dr. Leo Montejo has been designated the expedition doctor for Everest using the WiCis-Sports solution as a virtual health platform. He did his residency at Harvard in anesthesiology and critical care medicine, has been a Professor at Stanford in this specialty, and is an extreme sports enthusiast. Dr. Montejo has participated in four Himalayan expeditions, where he used the WiCIs I-Streme solution to stream his vitals, and share location and data with his team and family.

About Furtenbach Adventures:
Furtenbach Adventures is the most innovative organizer of tailor-made heliski-trips, expeditions and exclusive adventure travel. Personally tailored to our customers, for the highest demands, with the latest safety standards and best possible chances of success. Time is a valuable commodity. By climbing Mount Everest in just 4 weeks we are fundamentally changing the way high-mountaineering expeditions are run. While a regular Everest expedition can take almost two months, our Everest Flash expedition takes only 4 weeks – with increased safety and chance of success. In addition to the pre-acclimatization, maximum support is granted during the ascent, as well as the latest Telemedicine equipment, expert guides, experienced sherpas. Our goal is keeping our expedition safe & extending the reach and effectiveness of #Telemedicine with #continuous SPO2 and #istreme. Follow us to learn more about a new approach of uncompromised safety in high altitude mountaineering.

About Lukas Furtenbach:
Lukas Furtenbach is a father, geographer, alpinist, tourism consultant, professional hunter, private concierge, adventurer, cliff skier, mountaineer, organizer, operator and leader of adventure travel and expeditions to eight-thousander, a creative problem solver, out-of-the-box thinker, perfectionist and founder of Furtenbach Adventures.

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Telemedicine, A Sherpa has been brought down after a storm. Watch Live Vitals Video!