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WiCis TeleHealth and continuous SpO2 from the Top of the World

Data Streamed Live from Mount Everest

Continuous SPO2. Safety in adventure has seen a game-changer with this technology

It's very cold

Base Camp in the evening.

Buddhist Prayer Flags on Base Camp

Buddhist Prayer Flags on Base Camp

WiCis connects climbers in near-real-time to rescue teams and loved ones to provide Telemedicine without limits.

Our goal is keeping our expedition safe & extending the reach and effectiveness of #tememedicine with #continouosSPO2 and #istreme. @Faexploring, @WiCisHealth. Monitor, Share, Protect.”
— Lukas Furtenbach, CEO. Furtenbach Adventures
LAKE TAHOE, NV, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2019 / -- As climbers head to the top of the world on Mount Everest, WiCis is keeping them safer and extending the reach and effectiveness of TeleHealth. The company is once again proving their wearable technology platform that is continuously monitoring and sharing a climbers' vital signs and location with medical teams, rescue personnel and loved ones within seconds of being collected. May is summit month for Everest, and the challenge this year is to achieve the summit with the highest success rate while never compromising the safety of the climbers. With high oxygen flows and the most modern monitoring methods coming direct from critical care medicine, Furtenbach Adventures and WiCis seek to ensure base-camp oxygen saturations throughout the entire climb, thus never reaching the triggers that cause HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) and HACE (High Altitude Cerebral edema) while on the mountain.

As part of the boundary-expanding expedition #EverestFlash19, which will culminate in a summit attempt on Mount Everest North in just 3 weeks, expedition leader Lukas Furtenbach of Furtenbach Adventures will be wearing a Nonin pulse oximeter with bluetooth-enabled and a Polar heart rate monitor that are continuously tracking heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature, geo-location, altitude, speed and bearing as he climbs the world's highest peak. The climber's data is being transmitted in real-time via satellite to WiCis I-Streme Internet platform using a Thuraya Sat Sleeve, that is then analyzed their team medical doctor, Leo Montejo at Base Camp, Advanced Base Camp and the North Col. The heart of the WiCis solution is its web server app called WiCis CareFlows. A fast and modern TeleHealth solution that uses Microsoft Azure web servers. The WiCis TeleHealth solution combines: Forms, Videoconferencing and Vital Signs, all in a single Screen with a configurable Solution that is 100% Cloud-Based and hosted on Microsoft Azure, and designed for XXIst century medicine.

In addition to the continuous stream of biometric and geo-location information, of high-altitude mountaineering the climbers will be sharing updates and perspectives – and amazing views of the Himalayas on social media.

Links to both the live data stream and images will be shared on Twitter: and on Facebook:

Monitor, Share, Protect

As a key feature of the wearable platform, WiCis is combining and analyzing biometric data to provide ongoing snapshots of the climbers' overall health status. Serious – and even fatal – medical conditions such as edema, hypothermia and cardiac arrest can occur at high altitudes if climbers push themselves too hard and too far in the ultra-thin air. By continuously monitoring climbers for trends that may indicate they are at risk of developing these conditions, medical teams located in the US can intervene before a crisis emerges. Should an unforeseen medical or other emergency arise, rescue teams will have immediate access to the data needed to assess the climbers’ conditions and their exact location to ensure more rapid and more targeted medical care.

As a further measure of protection for the climbers, OCENS is providing continuous pinpoint weather data and forecasts. This information is displayed in real time on the WiCis dashboard and also on the WiCis Android App, which the climbers are using during the trek to stay in touch.

Proving the Limits to Expand the Reach of TeleHealth

WiCis is proving real-time remote biometric monitoring in the farthest reaches of the planet and under the harshest of conditions in order to expand the reliability and range of telemedicine solutions.

About WiCis: and

Founded in 2011 by Harvard and Stanford anesthesiologist Dr. Leo Montejo (also founder of Picis), and in the Lake Tahoe area, the company’s goal is to promote the use of mHealth and tracking devices to make adventure sports, the military, and rescue teams to make their missions safer and engage with their followers with real time data that is either private or also available to social media platforms.

About Dr Leo Montejo

Dr. Leo Montejo has been designated the expedition doctor for Everest using the WiCis-Sports solution as a virtual health platform. He did his residency at Harvard in anesthesiology and critical care medicine, has been a Professor at Stanford in this specialty, and is an extreme sports enthusiast. Dr. Montejo has participated in four Himalayan expeditions, where he used the WiCIs I-Streme solution to stream his vitals, and share location and data with his team and family.

About Furtenbach Adventures:

Furtenbach Adventures is the most innovative organizer of tailor-made heliski-trips, expeditions and exclusive adventure travel. Personally tailored to our customers, for the highest demands, with the latest safety standards and best possible chances of success. Time is a valuable commodity. By climbing Mount Everest in just 4 weeks we are fundamentally changing the way high-mountaineering expeditions are run. While a regular Everest expedition can take almost two months, our Everest Flash expedition takes only 4 weeks – with increased safety and chance of success. In addition to the pre-acclimatization, maximum support is granted during the ascent, as well as the latest Telemedicine equipment, expert guides, experienced sherpas. Our goal is keeping our expedition safe & extending the reach and effectiveness of #Telemedicine with #continouosSPO2 and #istreme. Follow us to learn more about a new approach of uncompromised safety in high altitude mountaineering.

About Lukas Furtenbach:

Lukas Furtenbach is a father, geographer, alpinist, tourism consultant, professional hunter, private concierge, adventurer, cliff skier, mountaineer, organizer, operator and leader of adventure travel and expeditions to eight-thousander, a creative problem solver, out-of-the-box thinker, perfectionist and founder of Furtenbach Adventures.

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Geo-location Data Streamed Live. Monitor, Share, Protect. How an elite climbing team is heading to Everest using the most modern technology.