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Digital Directors Network Launches Boardroom TV To Provide Cybersecurity Awareness Training For Corporate Directors

Boardroom TV Is The Only Video Based Micro-Learning Platform Improving The Digital And Cybersecurity Tone At The Top Of Corporate America

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 22, 2019 / -- Digital Directors Network (DDN) the only advocacy, advisory and curated network of digital and cybersecurity experts and corporate directors has launched Boardroom TV.

Boardroom TV is a unique online animated micro-learning channel that delivers cybersecurity awareness training to corporate directors. Backed by a learning management system, Boardroom TV helps corporate boards document their legal duties to stay informed on cybersecurity risk while improving corporate directors understanding and ability to govern these complex issues.

“Corporate directors need to improve their understanding of these dynamic issues to fulfill their legal obligations,” said DDN Founder and CEO Bob Zukis. Boardroom TV’s episodes are less than 5 minutes in length and cover current cybersecurity breach scenarios and issues. Boardroom TV’s first monthly episodes focus on cybersecurity awareness training. “We partnered with an amazing content producer who created our first short-form animated micro-learning series on current cybersecurity issues,” said Zukis.

“Digital success starts at the top, but unfortunately so does digital failure,” said corporate director Andrew Chrostowski. “Boardroom TV delivers a complicated issue in a very effective way, and it sets the right cyber tone at the top for any company, large or small.”

Zukis, who is also a Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business teaches the only executive education program in America for corporate directors and CEOs on digital and cybersecurity governance.

DDN recommends that all public company boards add qualified technology experts to their board to oversee digital and cybersecurity risk. DDN also recommends annual training for all corporate directors on a wide range of digital and cybersecurity issues to fulfill director legal obligations. "Cybersecurity awareness training is such a basic thing, but it’s totally overlooked in the boardroom. Corporate leadership over this issue needs to improve and it starts with the board.” added board member Jerry Nowicki.

“Our micro-learning episodes aren't the typical boring, talking head videos. Boardroom TV is world-class learning content that covers a very complex issue in a simple, engaging and effective way,” said Zukis. “Our annual full board license is only $500 a month. Boards can’t afford not to deliver this critical director training at that level.”

Boardroom TV is planning additional content covering a wide range of digital and cybersecurity issues, all delivered in an animated micro-learning format.

About DDN

DDN's mission is to put qualified technology experts onto every corporate board and to make all directors better digital directors. Executive membership is free for eligible digital and cybersecurity executives and corporate directors. DDN also works with corporate members to improve their approach to digital and cybersecurity oversight.


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