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TrustLogics Signs MOU with Cote d'Ivoire

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Government view TrustLogics as a partner in meeting the many employment challenges

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, US, April 4, 2019 / -- Memorandum of Understanding
March 19, 2019, Abidjan in the Republique de Cote d’Ivoire, DOGOH Franck Madou, Directeur General de L’Emploi signed a MOU with TrustLogicsTM representing a significant conclusion to talks and discussions aimed at exploring the potential benefits of the TrustLogicsTM system for the country of Cote D’Ivoire. Announcing this development, the local press release in Cote D’Ivoire said this:

“The objective of the MOU with TrustLogicsTM is to improve the employment and recruiting activities of Cote d’Ivoire, by bringing the innovative software solution, and a global connecting gateway to improve the talent recognition and availability of the people of Cote d’Ivoire, for both national and international opportunities.”

For his part, the Founder and CEO of TrustLogicsTM, Srinivas Guptha Dubba, was pleased with the announcement of the MOU, and after the signing he said:

“TrustLogicsTM has a specific role to play in the ongoing challenges facing all governments, which is to not only create the potential for full employment for the country, but also to maximize the ability of qualified people to be efficiently considered for opportunities nationally and worldwide. Both recruiters and job seekers will benefit from verified and validated information, in contrast to the present reliance on resumes and job applications that contain largely unverified information. You can “trust” TrustLogicsTM because “know your customer” is a key component of the system.”

In practice, the MOU will facilitate serious consideration of the most effective way to work with the de L’Emploi et la Protection Sociale, and aims to address Cote d’Ivoire hiring and recruiting challenges within the employment sector. The resulting consultation would give voice to the technical and operational needs of the present employment procedures, and provide a road map for the eventual implementation of the TrustLogicsTM system. It is anticipated that training requirements will be a critical factor as will the utilization of local Cote d’Ivoire talent to work with TrustLogicsTM to implement the system.

About Cote d’Ivoire
Ivory Coast or Cote d’Ivoire, officially the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, is a country located on the south coast of West Africa. The economic capital and largest city is the port city of Abidjan. The country of Cote d’Ivoire is bordered by Guinea and Liberia to the west, Burkina Faso and Mali to the north, Ghana to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) to the south.
Despite the country’s instability at times resulting from political conflicts, Cote d’Ivoire is the world’s largest exporter of cocoa beans and has a population of 24 million inhabitants. Although Cote d’Ivoire still has a relatively high poverty line of more than 40%, relatively speaking, overall, the citizens enjoy a higher level of income compared to other countries in the region.

About TrustLogicsTM
TrustLogicsTM is a Web & Mobile platform that makes it possible for job seekers, recruiters, and businesses globally, to communicate more effectively by sharing verified data in real time. It provides for the highest level of confidence during the prescreening process. It also enables users to create data blocks and define their own rules through the TrustLogicsTM global information gateway. TrustLogicsTM is powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.
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