Scientology Volunteer Ministers Sharpen Their Skills in Preparation for Florida’s Next Hurricane Season

70 Scientology Volunteer Ministers get prepared for Florida's Hurricane Season by training at the Fort Harrison Walking Park in Downtown Clearwater.

Because we were prepared, we were able to help quickly by deploying large numbers of trained VMs to those sites with lots of equipment, supplies and food.”
— Glendy Goodsell, ED Scientology Volunteer Ministers Florida

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, April 1, 2019 / -- On Sunday, 24 March, the park just south of Scientology’s Fort Harrison religious retreat in downtown Clearwater was awash with yellow t-shirts as 70 Volunteer Ministers (VMs) learned the basics of how to help at disaster sites. Their training included: how to safely use a chain saw to clear debris after disaster strikes; how to pitch a tent; the importance of hydration; and other important skills.

Before the training began, two VMs with over 3500 volunteer hours at disaster sites around the world told stories of how they were able to provide immediate help and give disaster victims the tools and knowledge they needed in order to rebuild and carry on.

Shannon Barnes, an Emergency Medical Technician and a member of the international rescue team, Los Topos, told the trainees the heartwarming story of disaster relief after the Nepal earthquake of 2015. “We arrived to the top of this steep almost impassable mountain in Nepal. What met our eyes was heartbreaking. Hundreds of people, in the midst of devastation, were staring at the ground in apathy. My team and I, using our VM knowledge and skills under the motto, ‘Something can be done about it’, quickly got to work. Soon the residents were smiling and communicating with each other again. They were back to life for a brand new start.”

Glendy Goodsell, Executive Director of the Volunteer Minister Center, said, “Two years ago, we experienced Hurricane Irma in this area, then last year Michael devastated the North Carolina coast and the Florida Panhandle. Because we were prepared, we were able to help quickly by deploying large numbers of trained VMs to those sites with lots of equipment, supplies and food.”

Over 160 VMs cleaned up debris, fed and succored the residents of the Panhandle and North Carolina coast last year. Disaster victims responded. Officials of Callaway and Panama City, Florida presented the VMs with letters in recognition of their massive clean-up efforts, the hygiene supplies and food they provided and the special Scientology Volunteer Minister-only Assists that relieved some of the trauma the victims were experience.

To learn how to help, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Florida offer free classes in the 19 chapters of the Scientology VM Handbook at their headquarters in downtown Clearwater, 101 N Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater, FL. Free online courses are also available at For more information call 727-467-6966.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers

The Volunteer Minister program was created by Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and has adopted the slogan “Something Can Be Done About It.” Scientology ministers develop skills from specific technology detailed in the 19 chapters of the Scientology Handbook designed to help anyone in life’s big or little disasters. Chapters include: How to Study, How to Resolve Conflicts, and The Basics of Organizing.

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