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Dr. Gregory Jantz Prompts Readers to Defeat Their Worries by Uncovering Root Sources

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, March 27, 2019 / -- Renowned speaker, author, and founder of The Center--A Place of Hope, Dr. Gregory Jantz has spent his entire professional career helping people around the world overcome disorders and instability. He relies on a unique approach to care to help them bring to light the root causes of their negative issues, making them easier to defeat long-term.

Dr. Gregory Jantz has spent decades with patients from near and far who struggle with disorders and don’t find relief from prescription medication. Dr. Jantz discovered the one-size-fits-all prescription often fails to meet patient expectations or else only creates new problems to hide the first with. To help, he pioneered his own all-inclusive approach to care that has revolutionized the lives of people across the globe without the need for costly or harmful medication.

Dr. Jantz has appeared on internationally syndicated news stations (such as CNN and FOX) and his work has appeared in reputable publications such as Psychology Today, Women’s Day, and the Huffington Post. Most notable of all, he was the founder of the world-renowned treatment facility The Center--A Place of Hope that treats a range of common disorders through an immersive healing program.

“Treatment at The Center is provided by a caring, talented group of licensed medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, and clergy,” says Dr. Gregory Jantz. “We only staff the best and most professional team members so our clients can benefit from top-level care.”

At The Center, patients receive individualized care under the direction of Dr. Gregory Jantz’s unique approach. Titled “whole-person care,” this approach takes into consideration various components of an individual’s life including physical, emotional, nutritional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being, and it helps people uncover the negative instigators in their lives. He’s adamant that uncovering these inciting factors, no matter how big or small, is the first step to lifelong recovery. And once the causes are identified, Dr. Gregory Jantz teaches patients how to minimize their effects and how to replace negative habits with healthier, more mindful options.

Worry, anxiety, and stress affect millions of people worldwide and prevent them from living truly happy or satisfying lives. Dr. Jantz seeks to help people defeat their fears and overcome hurdles and hindrances using an individualized path to success created for each patient’s unique circumstance, steering away from the traditional prescription resolution wherever possible.

“More people are being diagnosed with depression, more of them are being given medication, and fewer are receiving counseling,” warns Dr. Gregory Jantz. “The whole-person approach is being replaced by the promise of a “magic pill” which tends to fall short of expectations.”

Dr. Jantz hopes to defeat the common perception that prescription medication is the only answer to all mental health concerns. In its place, he asks patients to go on a journey of self-discovery and uncover root problems through programs like The Center offers, and through his dozens of books and blog articles made available today online.

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