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Dr. Gregg Jantz Teaches Audiences to Defeat Their Anxiety in Seven Simple Steps

Dr. Gregg Jantz

SEATTLE , WASHINGTON, USA, November 16, 2018 / -- Dr. Gregg Jantz, a frequent speaker and gifted author on topics like depression and anxiety, gives audiences a fresh take on defeating their worries in his book Seven Answers for Anxiety. Through seven simple steps, he teaches readers how to overcome panic attacks and intense bouts of anxiety with an easy-to-adopt method.

Anxiety limits many people to their smallest selves, affecting job performance, relationships, ambition, and virtually all aspects of their lives. It’s a widespread problem that inhibits the actions of people around the world, affecting approximately 40 million adults in the United States alone.1 Dr. Gregg Jantz, a longtime researcher of anxiety and depression, hopes he can leave a positive impact on the lives of these individuals through his book Seven Answers for Anxiety.

“Anxiety is crippling and it’s exhausting. It prevents people from expressing themselves honestly and living their best lives. I hope to give people who suffer anxious thoughts a resource to overcome their worries,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz.

In his book, Dr. Jantz helps readers identify the root causes of their anxieties and instructs them on how to break free of anxious thoughts. Through his seven steps, Dr. Gregg Jantz hopes to instruct anyone struggling with anxiety, including those with extreme panic attacks, how to create an escape door during their problems.

His Christian-centric beliefs and his extensive history and research with anxiety disorders empower Dr. Jantz’s narrative, making it a compelling read for those with their own disorders and without. Reviewers of Seven Answers for Anxiety have called the book “simple to understand,” and a combination of “spiritual tools with solid psychological explanations.”

He’s a bestselling author who has published over 30 books in his career, spanning topics from anxiety and eating disorders to depression. He’s a regular contributor to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, and has appeared on channels such as CNN, ABC, CBS and FOX. His credentials are numerous, but it’s his unique approach to problem solving that makes the work of Dr. Jantz so useful and approachable.

“The "what if's" in life are too many to count. They can overwhelm a person in no time. I want to show people how to find peace in these moments––even with all those troubles and worries trying to settle on their shoulders––but in a way that resonates in all areas of their lives,” says Dr. Gregg Jantz.

He believes in a “whole-person” approach, which means he takes emotional, intellectual, physical, relational, and spiritual existence into consideration. His solutions prompt readers to search within themselves, keeping these various aspects in mind, to arrive at a holistic, long-term solution. Through his approach, Dr. Gregg Jantz helps those with anxiety emerge as whole, healed human beings.


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