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Stainless steel casters wheels manufacturer of china

stainless steel casters made of 304 stainless plate and stainless steel double bead plate structure. It has strong rust and corrosion resistance 100% washable.

WENZHOU, ZHEJIANG, CHINA, March 27, 2019 / -- Stainless steel caster wheels have wide applicability and are widely used in many industries, including food processing industry, food and beverage industry, medical industry, industrial industry, etc., because compare with other casters advantages of stainless steel casters are Obviously, what are the advantages of stainless steel casters?

First of all, the stainless steel casters have strong corrosion resistance and can adapt to the harsh working environment. Because stainless steel is added with special alloy materials, Some corrosive chemicals are not sensitive, even in a chemically corrosive environment, it will not affect its use and product quality. Therefore, there are more stainless steel casters in the chemical industry.

Another obvious advantage is that stainless steel can be washed, which has a certain correlation with its own corrosion resistance. Stainless steel casters will be polished to keep the surface bright for a long time. The effect is very good, and the products of stainless steel casters can Depending on the use environment, work intensity, etc., adopt different materials, including nylon wheels, polyurethane wheels, all 304 stainless steel caster wheels, anti-static wheels, conductive wheels, etc.

In addition use stainless steel casters can help reduce the loss of product,At the same time, the casters can be more stable during use, and the casters of the same specifications have a significant improvement in the load capacity of stainless steel casters.

However company common casters, stainless castors price also much higher, We are now focus on stainless steel caster wheels manufacture. We are able provide high quality and cheaper price than market place.

For example:

1.Heavy duty stainless steel casters

2.Stainless steel TPR casters

3.Stainless Steel nylon casters

4.All Stainless steel wheels
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